I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

December 7, 2006 0 By Fans
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A girl who thinks she is a combat cyborg checks into a mental hospital, where she encounters other psychotics. Eventually, she falls for a man who thinks he can steal people's souls.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 7.0/10 (9,112 voted)

Chan-wook Park

Stars: Su-jeong Lim, Rain, Hie-jin Choi

A young woman who believes she's a cyborg hears voices and harms herself while at work making radios. She's hospitalized in a mental institution where she eats nothing and talks to inanimate objects. She's Young-goon, granddaughter of a woman who thought she was a mouse (and whose dentures Young-goon wears) and a mother who's a butcher without much social grace. Young-goon comes to the attention of Il-sun, a ping-pong playing patient at the institution who makes it his goal to get her to eat. Will he succeed? Which way does sanity lie?

Writers: Chan-wook Park, Seo-Gyeong Jeong


Su-jeong Lim

Cha Young-goon


Park Il-sun

Hie-jin Choi

Choi Seul-gi

Byeong-ok Kim


Yong-nyeo Lee

Young-goon's mother

Dal-su Oh

Shin Duk-cheon

Ho-jeong Yu

Il-sun's mother


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Release Date: 7 December 2006

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Did You Know?


Su-jeong Lim had to get her weight down to just 39 kg to shoot this film.


Cha Young-goon:
Mom, I think I'm a cyborg.

Young-goon's mother:
…What is that?

Cha Young-goon:
I think it's kind of… like a robot?

Young-goon's mother:
…Have you missed your period? Because you're a 'sy-bor'?

User Review

Another great film from Park

Rating: 9/10

I have to say, I really don't see where all the dislike and criticisms
come from. Granted, Cyborg is a far different film from all of Park's
other works, and especially in the world of romantic comedies falls
into the really freaking weird category, but I found it to be really
entertaining. It was very sweet, but in a good way. No excessive
cuteness, no magical cure to being crazy. The crazy people are crazy,
and that ain't gonna change anytime soon. The cinematography and
visuals were great. I really loved the set design of the hospital. And
all of the side characters were a great cast of crazies. I have not
watched a great deal of Korean cinema, and have never seen the leads in
anything before. I live in Korea, so I'm very aware of Rain (or Be, as
its pronounced here), but I thought that both pulled off their rolls
very well, especially the girl. If you are looking for something fun,
light hearted and a little bizarre, check this out. Just know that it
is not your normal Park Chan Wook film.