The Fog

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Rob McEwan and Rupert Wainwright in The FogStill of Adrian Hough, Rob McEwan and Maggie Grace in The FogStill of Rob McEwan, Tom Welling, Maggie Grace and Cole Heppell in The FogThe FogStill of Rob McEwan in The FogRob McEwan, Rupert Wainwright and Maggie Grace in The Fog


The inhabitants of Antonio Island, off the coast of Oregon, are about to unveil a statue honoring the four men (Castle…

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 3.4/10 (19,715 voted)

Critic's Score: 27/100

Rupert Wainwright

Stars: Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, Selma Blair

The inhabitants of Antonio Island, off the coast of Oregon, are about to unveil a statue honoring the four men (Castle, Wayne, Williams and Malone) who founded their town in 1871. Nick Castle is one of the descendants of the men, and owns a fishing charter company, using his vessel, the Seagrass, for tourism. When his girlfriend Elizabeth Williams returns to the island after spending six months in New York, a bizarre series of events begin to occur, including several gruesome deaths and the presence of a mysterious fog. When Elizabeth slips in Nick's boathouse and falls into the sea, she finds an old journal from 1871, written by Patrick Malone, one of the town's founders. It tells how a man named Blake bought half the island for use as a leper colony. While bringing his people to Antonio Island in their clipper ship, the Elizabeth Dane, Blake is betrayed by Castle, Wayne, Williams and Malone…

Writers: Cooper Layne, John Carpenter


Tom Welling

Nick Castle

Maggie Grace

Elizabeth Williams

Selma Blair

Stevie Wayne

DeRay Davis


Kenneth Welsh

Tom Malone

Adrian Hough

Father Malone

Sara Botsford

Kathy Williams

Cole Heppell

Andy Wayne

Mary Black

Aunt Connie

Jonathon Young

Dan The Weatherman

R. Nelson Brown


(as Rnelsonbrown)

Christian Bocher

Founding Father Patrick Malone

Douglas Arthurs

Founding Father David Williams

(as Douglas H. Arthurs)

Yves Cameron

Founding Father Richard Wayne

Charles Andre

Founding Father Norman Castle

(as Charles André)

From The Makers Of "Halloween"


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Release Date: 14 October 2005

Filming Locations: Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $18,000,000


Opening Weekend: $11,752,917
(16 October 2005)
(2972 Screens)

Gross: $29,511,112
(20 November 2005)

Technical Specs


(unrated version)

Did You Know?


Selma Blair did almost all of her own stunts. For her underwater scenes, she spent 12 hours in a water tank, with only short surface breaks, for two days straight.


When Andy runs from the fog, the sky is light blue. When he runs inside the house and the fog climbs up the door, the sky is black. A shot or two later, the sky is dark blue.


Father Malone:
Get off the Island!

Elizabeth Williams:

Father Malone:
Just go!

User Review

This movie is really good if you're a complete moron

Rating: 1/10

Allow me to save you $8 by offering something you can do at home that
is just as entertaining as watching this movie. Go get a load of whites
and throw it in your dryer. Now, add in one red sock. (Make sure
everything's dry so you don't end up with a bunch of pink laundry.)
Now, hopefully you have the kind of dryer that has the clear window in
front. If you do, start the load and watch the laundry spin around.
Every time you see the red sock pretend to be scared.

That's it. That's the equivalent to seeing this movie. As entertaining
as watching your laundry dry and every bit as scary as a red sock.

Others have already punched all the holes in the plot (or complete lack
thereof) that are necessary. I won't beat that dead horse. As
mentioned, the acting was completely mailed in. The CGI was hokey,
stilted and throw in in a lot of scenes unnecessarily. This wasn't just
a really bad movie, this was a really bad horror movie. Most horror
movies these days suck to one degree or another, but this moving
distinguishes itself as being among the worst of the worst. Seriously,
save yourself the time and energy and steer clear of The Fog. I haven't
seen a horror movie this bad since I saw the remake of The Haunting.