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Still of Sophia Bush and Steve Howey in SupercrossStill of Mike Vogel in SupercrossSophia Bush, Cameron Richardson, Steve Howey and Mike Vogel in SupercrossSupercrossStill of Steve Howey in SupercrossStill of Steve Howey in Supercross


Faced with the suspicious death of their father, two brothers must motivate one another to get back on their bikes and take the Las Vegas Motocross Championships by storm.

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 3.2/10 (2,736 voted)

Critic's Score: 26/100

Steve Boyum

Stars: Steve Howey, Mike Vogel, Sophia Bush

A motorcycle saga that chronicles the personal journey of two brothers who overcome emotional and physical obstacles to achieve success in the competitive world of Supercross racing. The brothers' conflicts are magnified by their different life choices and their decision to become competitors and rivals. KC Carlyle is a more cautious rider than his younger brother Trip, who has more natural talent but takes too many risks. When KC gets an all-expenses paid factory–corporate sponsored–ride, a rift forms between the two brothers. Trip is forced to go at it alone, becoming a privateer–a rider without a sponsor. But when a career threatening crash ends Trip's Supercross career, he and KC realize that they must put aside their conflicts, and work together to help KC defeat the world's greatest Supercross champions.

Writers: Ken Solarz, Bart Baker


Steve Howey

K.C. Carlyle

Mike Vogel

Trip Carlyle

Cameron Richardson

Piper Cole

Sophia Bush

Zoe Lang

Aaron Carter

Owen Cole

Channing Tatum

Rowdy Sparks

Robert Patrick

Earl Cole

Robert Carradine

Clay Sparks

Carolina Garcia


Ryan Locke

Jeff Johnson

JD Pardo


David Castillo

Jimmy Castillo

Erin Bates


David Pingree


Alana Austin

Rider Girlfriend

Fear nothing. Risk everything.


Official Website:
TAG Entertainment, Inc. [United States] |

Release Date: 17 August 2005

Filming Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Opening Weekend: $1,330,520
(21 August 2005)
(1621 Screens)

Gross: $3,101,301
(25 September 2005)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


The "450 Nami" bikes, ridden by K.C and Rowdy, are in fact just dressed up Honda 450's.


When Clay Sparks is telling his mechanic to revalve his son's bike he says to send it to RG3. However, the subtitles on the DVD write this as "Archie Three." RG3 or Research Group Three, is a popular motocross suspension company.


[first lines]

Trip Carlyle:
My name's Trip Carlyle. This is my brother, K.C. We're tight, but that doesn't mean we don't compete.

User Review

Not as bad as you'd think/not as good as they'd think.

Rating: 3/10

Supercross is a movie you know. Everyone here has seen countless movies
just like this before. Nothing new, however, does not necessarily mean
nothing gained.

The motocross action in this is superb, and even though I'd never heard
of the director (or in the case of the action perhaps the second unit
director) I felt the motocross parts of the film were more than well
done and well filmed. So for motocross fans, you will get some
distinctive motocross action to consume lovingly.

The acting doesn't fare as well, but what do you expect? I'ts called
Supercross: The movie, stars a bunch of unknowns (the two most well
known are Robert Patrick in a small supporting role, and either Mike
Vogel of Grind/Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame or Sohpia Bush of One Tree
Hill.)While the acting doesn't necessitate awards, should it? The
audience for this is not going to care as much about the acting ability
as much as the ability of the movie to entertain, and it does. It's
fun. Enough said.

I read a review that compared the plot to The Karate Kid, and while I
could see the similarities, there are deviances; but the film itself
does borrow from other sports destiny films and when you think about
it…it has too. There is nothing but cliché left in this genre. So
just sit back and enjoy a good time and shut your brain off. Wait for
DVD if you aren't a motocross fan.

p.s. my friend saw the preview for this and his literal quote was "I'd
rent that just for the hot chicks." There ya go boys.