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Saw II

Still of Shawnee Smith in Saw IIStill of Beverley Mitchell and Franky G in Saw IIStill of Tim Burd, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Franky G in Saw IIStill of Emmanuelle Vaugier in Saw IIStill of Dina Meyer and Donnie Wahlberg in Saw IIStill of Franky G in Saw II


Jigsaw locks a few unlucky people in a booby trapped shelter and they must find a way out before they inhale too much of a lethal nerve gas and die. But they must watch out, for the traps Jigsaw has set in the shelter lead to death also.

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 6.6/10 (101,957 voted)

Critic's Score: 40/100

Darren Lynn Bousman

Stars: Donnie Wahlberg, Beverley Mitchell, Franky G

When detective Eric Matthews is called to a crime scene of a victim of Jigsaw, he finds a lead to the place where he is hidden. Once there, he realizes that Jigsaw trapped his son Daniel Matthews with three women and four men in a shelter, and they are inhaling a lethal nerve gas. If they do not use an antidote within two hours, they will die. Eric follows with increasing desperation the death of each member of the group in monitors, while trying to convince Jigsaw to release his son.

Writers: Leigh Whannell, Darren Lynn Bousman


Tobin Bell

John Kramer

Shawnee Smith

Amanda Young

Donnie Wahlberg

Eric Matthews

Erik Knudsen

Daniel Matthews

Franky G

Xavier Chavez

Glenn Plummer

Jonas Singer

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Addison Corday

Beverley Mitchell

Laura Hunter

Tim Burd

Obi Tate

(as Timothy Burd)

Dina Meyer

Detective Allison Kerry

Lyriq Bent

Daniel Rigg

Noam Jenkins

Michael Marks

Tony Nappo

Gus Colyard

Kelly Jones

SWAT Member Pete

Vincent Rother

SWAT Member Joe

Oh, yes. There will be blood.


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Release Date: 28 October 2005

Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $4,000,000


Opening Weekend: $31,725,652
(30 October 2005)
(2949 Screens)

Gross: $147,739,965

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(unrated version)

Did You Know?


The advertising posters for the film had to be recalled on orders from the MPAA because the two severed fingers forming the "II" in the posters did not meet guidelines for film advertising. The new poster makes it more obscure. Also, posters had listed the film as being rated R when at the time the film still hadn't gone before the MPAA for a rating.


When Xavier opens the door to the Syringe Pit, it shows a very short clip showing the timer on the door for the antidote. If you slow the clip down, you will see that the timer shows '4:00', in the next scene it shows '2:58'.


You all possess the combination to the safe. Think hard. The numbers are in the back of your minds. The clue to their order can be found over the rainbow.

User Review

A taught thriller

Rating: 8/10

Saw II follows on the heels of Saw, as another taught, tense thriller.
The mark of a great thriller/shocker/horror movie is the number of
twists and turns, and this is what identifies Saw II as one of the
better members of its genre.

This is NOT a movie where people walk backwards into dark rooms. This
is NOT a movie where people pull sheets off bodies. That's all too
predictable for Saw II. In fact, there's virtually nowhere in this
film, where you can say that you've got it figured out.

Few movies keep me on the edge of my seat. This was one of them. There
was no one dozing off during this flick. And the number of folks who
walked out to take/make cell phone calls was the lowest I've ever seen.

Like Saw, this sequel is more than a little bloody in some places, but
that's to be understood. It was never promoted as a walk in the park.
If you're in the mood for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of
your seat, this is worth a try.

And this movie left more than a few folks in the audience waiting for
another sequel.