An Unfinished Life

September 15th, 2005


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An Unfinished LifeAn Unfinished LifeCamryn Manheim and Jason Binn at event of An Unfinished LifeAn Unfinished LifeAn Unfinished LifeJennifer Lopez at event of An Unfinished Life

A down on her luck woman, desperate to provide care for her daughter, moves in with her father in-law from whom she is estranged. Through time, they learn to forgive each other and heal old wounds.

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 7.0/10 (14,168 voted)

Critic's Score: 49/100

Director: Lasse Hallström

Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman

In order to escape from the abusive boy-friend, Gary Winston, Jean Gilkyson moves with her young daughter Griff Gilkyson without previous notice to the ranch of her father-in-law Einar Gilkyson in Wyoming. Jean and Einar are disaffected, since he blames her for the death of his beloved son in a car accident. Einar is taking care of his friend Mitch Bradley, who was attacked and seriously wounded by a bear, and he does not know that he has a grand-daughter. While Mitch heals his wounds and forgives the bear, Einar also changes his feelings regarding Jean, finally understanding that accidents happen and accepting her and loving his grand-daughter.

Writers: Mark Spragg, Virginia Korus Spragg

Robert Redford - Einar Gilkyson
Jennifer Lopez - Jean Gilkyson
Morgan Freeman - Mitch Bradley
Josh Lucas - Crane Curtis
Damian Lewis - Gary Winston
Camryn Manheim - Nina
Becca Gardner - Griff Gilkyson
Lynda Boyd - Kitty
Rob Hayter - Deputy
P. Lynn Johnson - Shelter Supervisor
Byron Lucas - Motorcycle Rider
Trevor Moss - Griffin Gilkyson
R. Nelson Brown - Kent (as Rnelsonbrown)
Dillard Brinson - Gnome Owner
Jason Diablo - Customer #1

Taglines: every secret takes on a life of its own


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Release Date: 15 September 2005

Filming Locations: Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $30,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $1,008,308 (USA) (11 September 2005) (139 Screens)

Gross: $17,995,770 (Worldwide) (September 2006)

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Did You Know?

In Mitch Bradley's (Morgan Freeman) house there's a painted portrait of a black Civil War Union sergeant on the wall. Freeman played Civil War Union Sergeant-Major John Rawlins in Glory.

Crew or equipment visible: In the scene where the truck with the grandfather (Robert Redford's character) and the young girl inside is coming back to the farm at night you can see a human watching the scene, and a piece of equipment at the end of the scene in the bottom right corner.

[first lines]
Einar Gilkyson: [talking to raccoon] I heard you interfering little bastards rummage around my yard. I'll thank you for keeping the owls off of my cats.

User Review

An Unfinished Life Delivers!

Rating: 10/10

I have to say that within the past two years I've hard both positive and negative comments on the film adaptation of the book "An Unfinished Life". I for one was extremely interested upon hearing that a movie was being done with Jennifer Lynn Lopez, Robert Redford, and the brilliant Morgan Freeman. This cast for years have entertained me through splendid movies such as Selena, Out of Sight, The Way We Were, and Million Dollar Baby. Although very aware of the skepticiscm of having La Lopez in a film with Oscar performing co-stars, would prove to show ones stubbornness. Lopez gives a knockout performance and I would challenge anyone who says she was miscast for this role. Isn't it the job of the actor to travel outside of their character, and convey the feelings of another. I don't think much is needed to be said about Redford's and Morgan's heartbreaking performances. Lasse Halstrom has outdone himself again, he has brought justice to the splendid novel by Mark Spragg. I trust all of you will give this Oscar worthy movie a shot, before you draw any of your conclusions. 'An Unfinished Life' reminds me of an old family western, filled with heart and emotion. This coming from a guy whose never in his life has been quite so fond of the wild west.