The Prince and Me

April 2nd, 2004


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Luke Mably in The Prince and Me

At a Wisconsin university, local farmer's daughter Paige Morgan is intrigued by odd Danish exchange student Edvard 'Eddie'...

Release Year: 2004

Rating: 5.6/10 (13,544 voted)

Critic's Score: 47/100

Director: Martha Coolidge

Stars: Julia Stiles, Luke Mably, Miranda Richardson

At a Wisconsin university, local farmer's daughter Paige Morgan is intrigued by odd Danish exchange student Edvard 'Eddie', who is ignorant of many aspects of daily life, such as all domestic chores (no wonder, he's the incognito heir to the royal throne of Denmark, his roommate Soren a court minder) but well versed in other matters, such as Shakespeare. They become friends; invited -enouraged by her best friend- to the Moran family farm he makes a good impression on her parents and brothers and triumphs in the rustic lawnmower race. Only after some paparazzi track Edvard down to film them kissing and he has returned home because the king is gravely ill, Paige realizes he may be her true love, and flies to Copenhagen. Initially the court, especially queen Rosalind, opposes a commoner bride, but Edvard sticks to his guns before accepting to succeed his abdicating father...

Writers: Mark Amin, Katherine Fugate

Julia Stiles - Paige Morgan
Luke Mably - Eddie
Ben Miller - Soren
Miranda Richardson - Queen Rosalind
James Fox - King Haraald
Alberta Watson - Amy Morgan
John Bourgeois - Ben Morgan
Zachary Knighton - John Morgan
Stephen O'Reilly - Mike Morgan (as Steve O'Reilly)
Elisabeth Waterston - Beth Curtis
Eliza Bennett - Princess Arabella
Devin Ratray - Scotty
Clare Preuss - Stacey
Yaani King - Amanda
Eddie Irvine - Eddie Irvine

Taglines: Finding your inner princess can be such a royal pain.


Official Website: Paramount [United States] |

Release Date: 2 April 2004

Filming Locations: Canada

Opening Weekend: $9,406,378 (USA) (4 April 2004) (2682 Screens)

Gross: $28,165,882 (USA) (20 June 2004)

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Did You Know?

The driver that Eddie races with at the start of the film is Eddie Irvine, a professional race car driver in real life.

Continuity: When Paige gets off of the horse after she reaches Denmark she has a bag on her shoulder. In the next shot, when Soren is showing her around, the bag disappears.

Queen: Between you and me Paige, being queen is not without its charms.
[Takes Paige to a vault and shows her the royal jewelry]
Queen: So my dear, What would you like to wear for the coronation ball?

User Review

An under-appreciated movie

Rating: 9/10

I absolutely adore this movie. So, it might not have won an Oscar and it may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but then again, it didn't try to be, either. "The Prince and Me" is everything a good movie should be. It's cute, funny, easy to watch, enjoyable, it doesn't resort to swearing, violence, or sex, and it's not pompous, presumptuous, or didactic. It IS happy, uplifting, creative, funny, cute, modern, and overall completely enjoyable. I think it's silly that this movie is called "a Cinderella story" by many. Just because a girl (unknowingly) meets a European Prince doesn't mean the girl's going to be Cinderella. In fact, the main character, Paige, is a modern, ambitious, typical middle-class American college girl with dreams of being a doctor. She's a hard worker and we get the impression she's never had a serious relationship because she doesn't want to get "distracted" like her friends, who all seem to be falling in love and getting married. Paige is obviously the focused, studious one in her group of friends. Meanwhile, her life couldn't be much more different than the life of the young Danish Prince Edward (who is fictional, by the way; this movie doesn't pretend to be a documentary). The playboy Prince is immature and unfocused and resistant to his royal destiny, preferring to race cars in the streets of Copenhagen and make the headlines of tabloids. In the hopes of finding a fun, carefree life with crazy college girls in America, he decides to be an exchange student in Wisconsin at the university that Paige also happens to attend. The story unfolds from here, as Paige learns that chemistry isn't just something that you learn in a classroom, and as Prince Edward learns the meaning of hard work, responsibility, and how to be an ordinary college student with a personal egg poacher. Ultimately they both learn the meaning of true love. However, don't expect a sugary sweet fairy tale story: while it is sweet, the story has many modern twists and plenty of humour thrown in for good measure (Scotty the roommate and Soren the butler/caretaker are, quite simply, hilarious). Overall, this is a smart movie, well thought out, well planned, and completely enjoyable. I loved how this movie was a college student romance. Too often with romance movies we're left with are either 20-something urbanite stories or silly high school romances. I loved the one-liners, irony, surprises, and humour in this movie and I highly recommend it as a perfect Friday night movie rental. Don't get tripped up in the irrelevant details (apparently it was a really warm Thanksgiving in Wisconsin, and yeah, the Danish prince has impeccable English, and the technicalities of the Danish government aren't exactly followed to a "t")... but this is a movie to be enjoyed and not overly analyzed. It strikes a perfect balance between just being realistic enough with being a fun, modern, sweet, relatively carefree romance.