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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouStill of Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe and Cate Blanchett in The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouCate Blanchett at event of The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouStill of Robyn Cohen in The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouStill of Bill Murray and Wes Anderson in The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouStill of Owen Wilson in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


With a plan to exact revenge on a mythical shark that killed his partner, oceanographer Steve Zissou rallies a crew that includes his estranged wife, a journalist, and a man who may or may not be his son.

Release Year: 2004

Rating: 7.2/10 (70,616 voted)

Critic's Score: 62/100

Wes Anderson

Stars: Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Anjelica Huston

When his partner is killed by the mysterious and possibly nonexistent Jaguar Shark, Steve Zissou and his Team Zissou crew set off for an expedition to hunt down the creature. Along with his estranged wife, a beautiful journalist and a co-pilot who could possibly be Zissou's son, the crew set off for one wild expedition.

Writers: Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach


Bill Murray

Steve Zissou

Owen Wilson

Ned Plimpton

Cate Blanchett

Jane Winslett-Richardson

Anjelica Huston

Eleanor Zissou

Willem Dafoe

Klaus Daimler

Jeff Goldblum

Alistair Hennessey

Michael Gambon

Oseary Drakoulias

Noah Taylor

Vladimir Wolodarsky

Bud Cort

Bill Ubell

Seu Jorge

Pelé dos Santos

Robyn Cohen

Anne-Marie Sakowitz

Waris Ahluwalia

Vikram Ray

Niels Koizumi

Bobby Ogata

Pawel Wdowczak

Renzo Pietro

Matthew Gray Gubler

Intern #1

Release Date: 25 December 2004

Filming Locations: Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Box Office Details

Budget: $50,000,000


Opening Weekend: $113,085
(12 December 2004)
(2 Screens)

Gross: $24,006,726
(27 February 2005)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


In Wes Anderson's earlier film,
Rushmore, there is a shot of Max Fisher on his go-kart which is a direct homage to a Jacques Henri Lartigue photograph. The man in this photo, as well as others taken by Lartigue is named Zissou.


Revealing mistakes:
In the fax to Operation Hennessey alerting him of the alarm going off at the sea lab, Headquarters is spelled "Headquaters".


[first lines]

[in Italian]

Festival Director:
Ladies and gentlemen, we are very pleased to welcome you to the world premiere of Part 1 of the newest film from a great favorite of ours here at Loquasto, Mr. Steve Zissou. A brief Q & A will immediately follow the screening. Thank you.

User Review

A real treat!

Rating: 10/10

Although one person I was with at the pre-screen hated it, I absolutely
loved it. I think it will just be one of those kinds of films (but hey,
I also loved "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" which this reminded
me of). Pure crazy fantastical stuff and I was completely taken with

It's a visually beautiful film with loads of odd little CG touches and
subtle visual gags. The cutaway tour of the ship was a classic. Murray
gives an amazing, energetic, yet deadpan performance and I also liked
the richness of the smaller roles like "Klaus." The soundtrack was
quirky and wonderful with unexpectedly hilarious Bowie covers and
pounding, rocking tracks in the action scenes.

I think the gorgeous locations, sets and props nearly steal the
show–kind of reminded me of "Brazil" in that way and I think it is
destined to become a cult film in the same way "Brazil" has.

I can't wait to take some friends of mine and see what they think once
it opens–this is one of those movies that's so different and off the
wall that it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Although I
realize it's getting mixed reviews, I'll stick my neck out and call it
a masterpiece.

Being old enough to have grown up with Jacques Cousteau, I felt
Anderson really captured the look and feel he was after with the the
"movie within the movie" sequences and the yellow typographical stuff
was spot-on.

If, like me, you're bored with the usual metroplex fare, this odd,
unexpected movie is for you. What a blast! Wheeeeee!