Ned Kelly

March 26, 2004 0 By Fans
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You can kill a man but not a legend.

Release Year: 2003

Rating: 6.4/10 (13,006 voted)

Critic's Score: 56/100

Gregor Jordan

Stars: Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush

Writers: Robert Drewe, John Michael McDonagh


Heath Ledger

Ned Kelly

Orlando Bloom

Joseph Byrne

Geoffrey Rush

Superintendent Francis Hare

Naomi Watts

Julia Cook

Joel Edgerton

Aaron Sherritt

Laurence Kinlan

Dan Kelly

Philip Barantini

Steve Hart

Kerry Condon

Kate Kelly

Kris McQuade

Ellen Kelly

Emily Browning

Grace Kelly

Kiri Paramore

Constable Fitzpatrick

Rachel Griffiths

Susan Scott

Geoff Morrell

Robert Scott

Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

Premier Graham Berry

Saskia Burmeister

Jane Jones

You can kill a man but not a legend.


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Release Date: 26 March 2004

Filming Locations: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Opening Weekend: £211,643
(28 September 2003)
(213 Screens)

Gross: $6,089,857
(7 November 2003)
(except USA)

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Did You Know?


The Sydney Morning Herald suggested that Heath Ledger was made for the role because when he tried on Ned Kelly's original iron armour, it fit perfectly. Heath Ledger was quoted saying, "It was quite eerie actually … we're the same height and the same body weight. He was skinny 'cause he was starving, I'm skinny 'cause I don't go to the gym."


Glenrowan Railway Station looks 100 years old with worn timber, faded paint etc. The railway line was built in 1873, so the station would be at most 7 years old.


Aaron Sherritt:
Can you keep your voices down ? I've got a visitor.

Joe Byrne:

Aaron Sherritt:
Mary Hegarty.

Joe Byrne:
Mary Hegarty? Jesus, she may only be thirteen!

Aaron Sherritt:
Ah, I'm not superstitious.

User Review

This film is a Quirk. I liked it.

Rating: 9/10

Due to reading bad reviews and being told by friends that they couldn't
believe how bad it was, I didn't go and see this film at the cinema. After
watching it on DVD, I have to say I regret that now. I'm not saying it is
brilliant, but I would venture to say that it is a good movie. I enjoyed

People have skulls thicker than Ned's helmet if they go to see a movie
this and expect it to be a documentary. If you read up the actual history
behind most movies based on historical figures, there is usually a huge
difference between the fact and the fictional portrayal. I don't think
Ganghis Kahn has ever once been portrayed even remotely close to
fact. What kind of man Ned Kelly actually was is a matter of debate, and
quite passionate it seems. In spite of the efforts of governments and some
historians, Ned Kelly has become a legend. Legends are stories, and
say as much about those who tell and listen to them as they do about the
actual figure himself. Ned Kelly has become such a popular identity
he does represent that aspect of Australian culture that doesn't trust or
accept authority. A society in which there is no dissent or challenge to
authority is crazier and more dangerous than any bushranger.

So not expecting this to be an accurate recreation of the historical Kelly
gang, I actually found it a surprisingly unencumbered and refreshing
It was sentimental and romantic, but thankfully not anywhere as cheesy as
could have been; for my fellow Australians, watch 'The Lighthorseman' and
you will see what I mean (it is a pity the way that story was treated so
poorly). Perhaps the love affair business could have been forsaken for a
more detail in other areas, such as the shooting of the troopers.
Ironically, I actually enjoyed the movie because of that, because it would
be those details that most of the focus on Ned's story would dwell. And
are the details of the story that are best discovered by reading the
different viewpoints given by the various historians.

This movie was always going to have a hard time, having make a compromise
appealing to a global movie market (to pay the pills) and the legend as it
means to Australians; perhaps a little of Ned's spirit is in this movie,
because I think it rebelled against people's expectations, and
missed both targets. Fortunately it made for an enjoyable quirk of a film.
For me it was an unexpected kind of movie about Ned, and that is why I
it. Orlando Bloom's performance did a lot for the movie too – he really
added something. I think he would have enjoyed being the monster instead
the pretty elf, for a change.

When you consider some other movies that are far worse than this one, your
opinion of this movie should be reconsidered. Send me this on DVD for
christmas rather than Croc Dundee or The Man From Snowy River