Catch That Kid

February 6th, 2004


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Still of Kristen Stewart in Catch That KidStill of Corbin Bleu, Kristen Stewart and Max Thieriot in Catch That KidStill of Corbin Bleu, Kristen Stewart and Max Thieriot in Catch That KidStill of Corbin Bleu, Kristen Stewart and Max Thieriot in Catch That KidStill of Corbin Bleu, Kristen Stewart and Max Thieriot in Catch That KidStill of Kristen Stewart and Max Thieriot in Catch That Kid

A girl and her two friends raid a bank, looking for the money needed for financing the cure of her dying father.

Release Year: 2004

Rating: 4.8/10 (4,174 voted)

Critic's Score: 33/100

Director: Bart Freundlich

Stars: Kristen Stewart, Sam Robards, Jennifer Beals

This is the story of a twelve-year-old named Maddy. Maddy and her adventurous father have always shared a love for mountain climbing. Their hobby, however, has a disastrous effect when a devastating accident on Mount Everest injures his spine, paralyzing him forever--unless he gets a very expensive operation. Determined to procure the money to pay for his surgery, Maddy decides to recruit two of her friends, a computer genius and a mechanical whiz kid, to help her pull off a risky heist. They plan to break into the local super-high-tech bank, which holds a vault suspended 100 feet off the floor, and get to its safe. To complicate matters even further, Maddy's mother works as the security chief at that very bank. Regardless of what obstacles she faces, Maddy is determined to get to the funds her father needs, by using the amazing climbing skills he taught her.

Writers: Nikolaj Arcel, Hans Fabian Wullenweber

Kristen Stewart - Maddy
Corbin Bleu - Austin
Max Thieriot - Gus
Jennifer Beals - Molly
Sam Robards - Tom
John Carroll Lynch - Mr. Hartmann
James LeGros - Ferrell (as James Le Gros)
Michael Des Barres - Brisbane
Stark Sands - Brad
Lennie Loftin - Flagler
François Giroday - Nuffaut
Christine Estabrook - Sharon
Kevin G. Schmidt - Skip
Audrey Wasilewski - Nurse
Meagen Fay - Doctor

Taglines: They're on a mission without permission.


Official Website: 20th Century Fox |

Release Date: 6 February 2004

Filming Locations: Glendale, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $18,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $5,824,860 (USA) (8 February 2004) (2847 Screens)

Gross: $16,702,864 (USA) (9 May 2004)

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Did You Know?

During the scene where Austin and Max were hiding under Brisban's desk while Mr. Hartmann and a woman were kissing, the baby cried so much that its mother had to be under the desk with Corbin Bleu.

Continuity: When Gus steps on the lion's eye, Maddy walks into the little room, but when they're shown again, Maddy is walking in again.

Maddy: [They are on a walkway suspended high off the ground] Whoa.
Gus: Maddy, we are so grounded!

User Review

I recommend this movie as a fun and touching movie for the whole family to see.


Catch That Kid, an enjoyable movie for the whole family? I think so. The story is about a young girl named Maddy, a tomboy who loves climbing. Her parents, however, have forbidden her to climb due to an accident her father had had which seriously injured his back. Though he had apparently recovered, something goes wrong which leaves him paralyzed from the neck down. Maddy's mother Molly does everything she can to find the money needed - $250,000 - for an opperation to save him. But there is nothing she can do. Maddy, still determined to save her dad, sees robbing the bank at which her mother is setting up a security system as her only option. She quickly enlists the help of her two best friends - Gus, a go-cart mechanic and Austin, a computer geek - who both happen to be in puppy love with her. What ensues as they make their plan to rob the bank and begin to carry it out is funny, incredibly unrealistic, and touching.

Most of the humor comes from the two boys' crush on Maddy, the wannabe actor who works at the bank, and later the fact that Maddy is left in charge of her little brother at the last minute and decides to take him with her to the robbery. I would have liked to see more humor, and the slapstick comedy from the security officer was not very funny. Nevertheless, the movie overall was fun.

The movie is unrealistic, but I like it that way, because in reality life is complicated and hard, but in movies everything is possible. I also enjoyed the hi-tech security measures employed at the bank, very nifty.

The touching scenes come in where Maddy shows her deep love for her father and learns how very deep her mother's love is for her.

The movie did not, however, teach any real moral values. That is, of course, easily remedied by talking to your children about right and wrong and the real consequences of choosing actions you know are wrong.

I recommend this movie as a fun movie for the whole family to see together, if only because the kids will definitely love it, but I think the adults will enjoy it too. 8/10