Wrong Turn

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(l to r) Jessie (Eliza Dushku, left), Chris (Desmond Harrington), Carly (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Scott (Jeremy Sisto).Still of Emmanuelle Chriqui and Eliza Dushku in Wrong TurnStill of Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jeremy Sisto in Wrong TurnStill of Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku in Wrong TurnStill of Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku in Wrong TurnStill of Emmanuelle Chriqui, Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku in Wrong Turn


Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by "cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding."

Release Year: 2003

Rating: 6.0/10 (39,707 voted)

Critic's Score: 32/100

Rob Schmidt

Stars: Eliza Dushku, Jeremy Sisto, Emmanuelle Chriqui

Chris Flynn is driving his car for a job interview in another city. However, an accident with a trunk transporting chemical products blocks the highway and Chris looks for an alternative route through the mountains of West Virginia to accomplish his schedule. Due to a lack of attention, he crashes another car parked in the middle of the road with flat tires. Chris meets a group of five friends, who intended to camp in the forest, and they decide to leave the couple Francine and Evan on the place, while Chris, Jessie, Carly and her fiancé Scott tries to find some help. They find a weird cabin in the middle of nowhere, where three violent cannibalistic mountain men with the appearance of monsters live. The two couples try to escape from the mountain men while chased by them.


Desmond Harrington

Chris Flynn

Eliza Dushku

Jessie Burlingame

Emmanuelle Chriqui


Jeremy Sisto


Kevin Zegers


Lindy Booth


Julian Richings

Three Finger

Garry Robbins


Ted Clark


Yvonne Gaudry


Joel Harris


David Huband


Wayne Robson

Old Man

James Downing


It's the last one you'll ever take.


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Release Date: 30 May 2003

Filming Locations: Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $10,000,000


Opening Weekend: $5,161,498
(1 June 2003)
(1615 Screens)

Gross: $15,417,771
(21 September 2003)

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Did You Know?


In the scene when the four are running from the cabin after awaking the mountain men, Desmond Harrington broke his right ankle after landing on the opposite side of a log. This made it very difficult to shoot some of the scenes after his left leg is "shot" and he has to limp on his right leg.


When the rock climbing girl falls from the cliff her back is to the floor but when she lands she is facing the floor.


[first lines]

Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Oh, yeah!

OK, you're great. You got the line?

User Review

What's worse than a leather-faced madman chasing you through the bush with a chainsaw? How about three!!

Rating: 8/10

What's worse than a leather-faced madman chasing you through the bush
with a
chainsaw? How about three!!

`Wrong Turn' stars Desmond Harrington as Chris Finn, a man who is late
for a
very important interview. Finn takes a back country road to avoid a
jam and ends up involved in a car accident with three debutantes (Eliza
Dushku, Lindy Booth and Emmanuelle Chriqui) and their boyfriends (Jeremy
Sisto and Kevin Zegers). The group splits up as they try to find some
Unbeknownst to them, they are being stalked by an unspeakable horror.
in the woods around the crash is a family of cannibalistic mountain men
are overtly grotesque from generations of incest. Before the group knows
they are in a fight for their very lives.

`Wrong Turn' was in one word an utter shock to the system. There hasn't
a film this gory, grotesque and chilling in a very long time. Not since
1970's `Texas Chainsaw Massacre' has a horror film such as this been
The best way to describe the experience is that if you took 2001's `Joy
Ride' and `Jeepers Creepers' added 1972's `Deliverance' then threw them
in a blender. You may come up with `Wrong Turn'.

The tension in this film is harrowing and relentless as it bats you back
forth. You are exhausted and maybe even queasy when you come out of the
theatre. But if you love horror films then you probably have an ear to
grin as well.

I really liked some of the early editing of this film by director Rob
Schmidt, who allows the scares and shocks to come with brilliant
accuracy. I
also liked how Schmidt barely shows the mountain men throughout the film.
The parts we do see are horrific but the filmmaker relies heavily on the
chase and shock than on the gore. Schmidt could have easily dived down
gore shoot to hell but he made a wise choice that works in

It's the film's harrowing tension and atmospheric pursuit that
the young stars that make up the cast. Dushku is strong and emulates some
her `Buffy the Vampire Slayer' character, Faith in her portrayal here.
Dushku loves to play debutantes with edge and her character here has a
of it. I wasn't extremely familiar with Desmond Harrington before this
but he plays a good leading man. The rest of the cast play typical
20-somethings from the horror film franchises of old. I have always liked
Lindy Booth but she has nothing to play with here and the same is goes
Jeremy Sisto. But come on, this isn't exactly an intelligently written
detailed drama.

I liked `Wrong Turn' purely because of its shock value and its no holds
barred return to classic horror. It is always in your face and it doesn't
let go till the credits. This film isn't for the faint of heart. What a
rush! (3.5 out of 5) So Says the Soothsayer.