Out of Time

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A Florida police chief must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion.

Release Year: 2003

Rating: 6.5/10 (26,245 voted)

Critic's Score: 63/100

Carl Franklin

Stars: Denzel Washington, Sanaa Lathan, Eva Mendes

Matt Whitlock, the police chief of Banyan Key a small town near Florida, is separated from his wife, Alex, a police detective based in Florida. Matt's been having an affair with Ann Merai Harrison, a woman who's separated from her husband Chris and who says that she has cancer. When her doctor tells her of a new treatment that's expensive, Matt gives her the nearly half a million dollars that he seized from some drug dealers. When she turns up dead evidence points to Whitlock. He tries to figure out what's going on but apparently it appears he's been set up. So he has to try and find the money especially now that the Feds are asking for it before the evidence exposes him.


Denzel Washington

Matt Lee Whitlock

Eva Mendes

Alex Diaz Whitlock

Sanaa Lathan

Ann Merai Harrison

Dean Cain

Chris Harrison

John Billingsley


Robert Baker

Tony Dalton

Alex Carter


Antoni Corone

Deputy Baste

Terry Loughlin

Agent Stark

Nora Dunn

Dr. Donovan

James Murtaugh

Dr. Frieland

Peggy Sheffield

Judy Anderson

Evelyn Brooks

Judy's Mom

Eric Hissom

Hotel Clerk

Tom Hillmann

Living Gift Salesman

(as Tom Hilmann)

The Clock Is Ticking…


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Release Date: 3 October 2003

Filming Locations: Boca Grande, Florida, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $50,000,000


Opening Weekend: $16,185,316
(5 October 2003)
(3076 Screens)

Gross: $40,905,277
(30 November 2003)

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(Toronto International Film Festival)

Did You Know?


John Billingsley's role was originally written with an Asian actor in mind.


As Chae is driving Matt back to the police station after raiding Cabot's house, he throws a cigarette out of the car. However, as the camera pulls back and the car continues moving, there's no sign of the cigarette on the ground.


Matt, this is the gold pot, at the end of the storm… thing… cloud!

User Review

A lot better than the trailer indicates

Rating: 7/10

I was expecting some cheesy half-baked
effort on all parts, but then again, the film itself
took on some twists of its own. Sure, a couple
of the twists could be seen a mile away, but it
was the way the scenes were cleanly executed
to the point where you had to wonder "How is he
getting out of this?" While some of the reviews are
over the top, this is certainly one of those popcorn
movies that I wouldn't mind spending a little
dough on. Watch for Denzel and Eva Mendes,
enjoy for the tension and the great musical score.