Igby Goes Down

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Still of Kieran Culkin and Burr Steers in Igby Goes DownStill of Claire Danes and Kieran Culkin in Igby Goes DownStill of Susan Sarandon and Celia Weston in Igby Goes DownStill of Kieran Culkin and Amanda Peet in Igby Goes DownStill of Bill Pullman, Rory Culkin and Peter Anthony Tambakis in Igby Goes DownStill of Jeff Goldblum, Ryan Phillippe, Kieran Culkin, Amanda Peet and Celia Weston in Igby Goes Down


A young man's peculiar upbringing renders him unable to competently cope with the struggle of growing up.

Release Year: 2002

Rating: 7.0/10 (21,699 voted)

Critic's Score: 72/100

Burr Steers

Stars: Kieran Culkin, Susan Sarandon, Jeff Goldblum

Igby Goes Down is a personal tale about a 17 year old misfit boy who copes with his mother's cancer and his father's insanity by pursuing relationships with older women. Truly an intellectual, Igby is a modern day Holden Caulfield, and the world he lives in is far removed from the high standards of expectation he holds for it.


Kieran Culkin


Claire Danes


Jeff Goldblum


Jared Harris


Amanda Peet


Ryan Phillippe


Bill Pullman


Susan Sarandon

Mimi Slocumb

Rory Culkin

10-Year-Old Igby

Peter Anthony Tambakis

13-Year-Old Oliver

(as Peter Tambakis)

Bill Irwin

Lt. Smith

Kathleen Gati


Gannon Forrester

Little Cadet

Celia Weston


Elizabeth Jagger

Lisa Fiedler

Insanity is relative


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Release Date: 1 May 2003

Filming Locations: Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $9,000,000


Opening Weekend: $306,705
(15 September 2002)
(10 Screens)

Gross: $6,770,000

Technical Specs


(Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema)

Did You Know?


Kieran Culkin was actually drinking white grape juice at the Hampton's party.


Rachel's position when she is lying in the bathtub in Russell's apartment.


[first lines]

Why couldn't she have been a fucking smoker.

This has nothing to do with her being in such wonderful shape. The cause of our trouble was our inability to come up with a drug short of paint thinner, that would be at least somewhat novel to her system. She's built up a tolerance to everything.

A tolerance? She's taking her fucking afternoon nap.

User Review

Brilliant Filmmaking and Acting


Ten out of ten. One of the greats, with memorable characters you'll think
about for days. This great film got caught in MGM/UA distribution
If it could have busted out of the indy circuit from day one and gotten
general release, it would have been favorably compared with "The Graduate"
and Kieran Culkin's performance with Dustin Hoffman's debut performance in
that Mike Nichol's classic. MGM/UA blew it.

Culkin is a great young player with a look and resources evoking both
Hoffman and Robert Downey. He's naturalistic and great to watch. Smart,
funny, urbane writing by first time director Steers is never "on the
Yet underneath the evasive, sarcastic stripped down dialogue he pulls hard
hitting emotions from his ensemble. Not a false or wasted scene and more
than a few really powerful ones. Every player is at the top of their game,
from Kieran Culkin to Amanda Peet, Jeff Goldblum to Susan Sarandon, Bill
Pullman to Claire Danes to Ryan Phillippe. They're obviously guided by a
director who knows how to work with an ensemble to get an overall

Igby is the anti Ferris Beuhler – a smart wanna be who's wise mouth and
attitude usually piss off those around him – his mother, his brother, his
godfather. Torn between those who don't get him and those who do (Peet,
Danes), Igby paints all his relationships with the same sarcastic brush,
vulnerability only busting out when he's pushed to the limit. Culkin's
perfomance is not to be missed. The key women, Sarandon, Peet and Danes
play fully formed characters. Goldblum is perfect for his role, his usual
facile acting style well suited to the South Hampton prince he plays; his
best turn in years.

Seers has style and flow, and his final cut is aided by the excellent
choices he and his music supervisor, Nick Harcourt arrived at. Cameron
couldn't do better. The Igby soundtrack is tres alt moderne and every cut

Warning: Actors are blocked (brilliantly) for wide screen format. So this
film will suffer from TV / video screen ratios as the Graduate does.
go see it in the theater NOW or wait for letterbox!