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Tinto Brass – The maestro of Italian erotica is back! Lies, subterfuge, betrayal and mischief – FALLO! is a collection of six stories based on the joys of sexuality and the eroticism of a new generation of women.

Release Year: 2003

Rating: 5.0/10 (760 voted)

Tinto Brass

Stars: Sara Cosmi, Massimiliano Caroletti, William De Vito

1) "Alibi" ("Alibi") While celebrating the seventh anniversary of marriage in a hotel in Casablanca, Morocco, Gianni convinces his wife Gianni to do a threesome with the room servant Ali. 2) "Double Trouble" ("Dupla Confusão") While playing tennis with Bruno, Stefania has intercourse with him in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Bruno's wife Erika does with Stefania's husband Luigi in his office, to get the position of guest in a talk show. 3) "Two Hearts and a Hut" ("Dois Corações e Uma Cabana") The maid Katarina is tipped with a high amount and prostitutes with a couple of sadistic & masochistic. 4) "Jolly Bangs" ("Casos") While on the beach, Raffaella fantasizes erotic affairs to the satisfaction of her husband Ugo. 5) "Honni Soit Qui Mal y Pense" ("Que a Maldade Fique com Aquele que Pensa Maldade") The photographer Franco wishes to have anal sex with Anna…

Writers: Tinto Brass, Tinto Brass


Sara Cosmi

Cinzia (episode "Alibi" in Casablanca)

Massimiliano Caroletti

Gianni (episode "Alibi" in Casablanca)

William De Vito

Ali (episode "Alibi" in Casablanca)

Guglielmo Aru

Ginecologo (episode "Alibi" in Casablanca)

Silvia Rossi

Stefania (episode "Montaggio alternato" in Roma)

Federica Tommasi

Erika (episode "Montaggio alternato" in Roma)

Max Parodi

Bruno (episode "Montaggio alternato" in Roma)

Andrea Nobili

Luigi (episode "Montaggio alternato" in Roma)

Raffaella Ponzo

Katarina (episode "2 cuori & 1 capanna" in Alto Adige)

Stefano Gandolfo

Ciro (episode "2 cuori & 1 capanna" in Alto Adige)

Virginia Barrett

Frau Bertha (episode "2 cuori & 1 capanna" in Alto Adige)

Leo Mantovani

Herr Otto (episode "2 cuori & 1 capanna" in Alto Adige)

Angela Ferlaino

Raffaella (episode "Botte d'allegria" in Rimini-Malaga)

Daniele Ferrari

Ugo (episode "Botte d'allegria" in Rimini-Malaga)

Federico Cesareo

Pablo (episode "Botte d'allegria" in Rimini-Malaga)


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Release Date: 28 August 2003

Gross: €168,779
(7 September 2003)

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User Review

Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

Rating: 3/10

And this is coming from a dedicated Tinto Brass fan! I don't know why,
but after the gorgeous, atmospheric and tragic "Senso '45," Il Maestro
managed to put together this idiotic anthology of six eye rolling short
stories, consisting of bitchy couples, who like to bitch about their
relationship and have wild sex while making bitchy comments.

The first story is like a lampoon of Brass' 1983 "La Chiave." A young
couple goes to Morocco for their wedding anniversary and the husband
wants to resurrect their dying love by having the wife screw around
with some guy.

The second story deals with a pair husbands and wives who trade their
spouses and pretend not to be aware that one is cheating with the
other. Don't worry, it's less confusing than it sounds.

The third story story deals with a bimbo chambermaid, who prostitutes
herself to a kinky German couple in order raise enough money for her
boyfriend's "bed & breakfast."

The fourth story is the weakest of the six. A wife tells her husband
about her sexual escapades (with flashbacks) while they're on a beach.
He gets a boner and performs oral sex on her. THE END.

The fifth story is remotely entertaining. It's about a goofy couple,
engaged to be married. He wants anal sex, she doesn't. So, they take
naughty pictures, get invited to the house of a couple that does the
same and things get… Well… Goofy.

The sixth story is about a husband who only *thinks* his wife doesn't
know they're being watched while copulating. This short includes a
pointless, but mildly chuckle inducing bit at a lingerie store.

And yes, the butt fetish is ever present and the sex scenes are beyond
explicit. However, they are not "sexy" or "erotic" in any way. They are
just a way for the characters to act like mildly retarded idiots. Let's
just hope Brass' upcoming "MONAmour" (get it?) will be better.

Still, "Fallo!" gets three stars from me for its kitschy musical score,
crisp direction & editing and Tinto Brass' amusing cameo in the last