The Adventures of Pluto Nash

August 16, 2002 0 By Fans
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(L to R) EDDIE MURPHY, HEIDI KRAMER, JAY MOHR and ALISSA KRAMER Still of Eddie Murphy and Peter Boyle in The Adventures of Pluto NashStill of Eddie Murphy in The Adventures of Pluto NashStill of Eddie Murphy and Luis Guzmán in The Adventures of Pluto NashStill of Eddie Murphy and Rosario Dawson in The Adventures of Pluto NashStill of Eddie Murphy and Rosario Dawson in The Adventures of Pluto Nash


In the future, a man struggles to keep control of his nightclub from mafia control in space.

Release Year: 2002

Rating: 3.6/10 (12,008 voted)

Critic's Score: 12/100

Ron Underwood

Stars: Eddie Murphy, Jay Mohr, Randy Quaid

After his successful night club is blown to flaming bits, Pluto and his band travel across the moon looking for clues as to who is behind the arson. Along with Bruno and Dina, Pluto visits a seedy motel, his secret hide out and the casino of the most powerful man on the moon searching for the evil doer, only to find out that the destruction of his club may have been his own fault


Eddie Murphy

Pluto Nash

Randy Quaid


Rosario Dawson

Dina Lake

Joe Pantoliano


Jay Mohr

Tony Francis

Luis Guzmán

Felix Laranga

James Rebhorn


Peter Boyle


Burt Young


Miguel A. Núñez Jr.


Pam Grier

Flura Nash

John Cleese


Victor Varnado


Illeana Douglas

Dr. Mona Zimmer

Jacynthe René


Action's future has arrived…


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Release Date: 16 August 2002

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $100,000,000


Opening Weekend: $2,182,900
(18 August 2002)
(2320 Screens)

Gross: $4,420,080

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Did You Know?


The original script was written in 1985. A dozen other writers wrote treatments of it, but Neil Cuthbert was the only one credited.


In the escape scene, when Pluto and Dina are leaving the secret warehouse, Dina is wearing a purple spacesuit, then later on while traveling in the space car she is wearing an orange space suit. When they exit the car her spacesuit is purple again.


Pluto Nash:
You blew up my wood bar stools. You know how hard it is to get wood on the moon?

User Review

A fun and enjoyable surprise.

Rating: 8/10

I am an Eddie Murphy fan, but I did not go to the theater to see this
movie because of the horrible reviews that I read about it. My feelings
after catching this movie on HBO are clear, don't necessarily base all
of your decisions to watch a movie or not on highly publicized reviews.
The fact is, that I enjoyed this movie. I thought that the cast was
attractive and talented; and that there were some credible laughs. But
most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the movie looked and how it
was filmed. This film was simply not as bad as the critics said it was.
It is possible that because the critics criticized the movie so much,
that when I finally saw the movie, and was not repulsed by it, that I
began to relax and enjoy it. I think that many of the critics were
expecting a Beverly Hills Cop-type laugh fest, but that is not a comedy
that's really an action-drama with a few laughs. This is strictly a
sci-fi comedy, as such, it does not take itself seriously; and neither
should you if you decide to watch it. Just see if you enjoy it. I sure