February 1st, 2002


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Still of Devon Sawa and Jaime King in SlackersStill of Jason Schwartzman and Jaime King in SlackersStill of Laura Prepon and Jason Segel in SlackersStill of Devon Sawa, Michael C. Maronna and Jason Segel in Slackers

When geek Ethan discovers three fellow students scamming the exam system, he blackmails them to win over the college's most popular girl.

Release Year: 2002

Rating: 4.9/10 (9,061 voted)

Critic's Score: 12/100

Director: Dewey Nicks

Stars: Devon Sawa, Robert B. Martin Jr., Jason Segel

Dave, Sam and Jeff are about to graduate from Holden University with Honors in lying, cheating and scheming. The three roommates have proudly scammed their way through the last four years of college and now, during the final exams, these big-men-on-campus are about to be busted by the most unlikely dude in school.

Devon Sawa - Dave Goodman
Jason Segel - Sam Schechter
Michael C. Maronna - Jeff Davis (as Michael Maronna)
Jason Schwartzman - Ethan Dulles
Jaime King - Angela Patton (as James King)
Laura Prepon - Reanna
Travis Davis - Airborne Express Driver
Jim Rash - Head T.A. Philip
Nat Faxon - Karl, the Grad Student
Don Michaelson - Professor Markoe
Retta - Bruna, the Office Manager
Marilyn Staley - Singing Waitress
Jason Garner - Singing Waiter
Gedde Watanabe - Japanese Proctor
Heidi Kramer - Hot Twin #1

Taglines: When all else fails... cheat.

Release Date: 1 February 2002

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $11,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $2,785,283 (USA) (3 February 2002) (1893 Screens)

Gross: $4,814,244 (USA) (10 February 2002)

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Did You Know?

Originally in the singing penis scene, Mike Maronna's own naked penis was used with a CGI mouth added in. After being screened for the MPAA however, the filmmakers were told to put a sock on it (literally).

Crew or equipment visible: In the widescreen version of this film the dolly track is not visible in the last scene.

Dave: I brought you coffee.
Ethan: I don't touch that stuff.
Dave: Can I come in?
Ethan: No. No one comes into Ethan's room. Ethan's rules.
Dave: What's that smell?
Ethan: Maybe it's the smell of your ass getting kicked out of school.

User Review

Whats wrong with you people?!

Rating: 6/10

Worst movie of the year? Ok...the name is SLACKERS! Not Schindlers List Part 2. Why do you people try to pull so much meaning out of these stoner flicks? What are you thinking when you rent these movies? That you'll find a diamond in the rough? A Spielbergian classic?!? I like stupid humor. Sue me. I can laugh dumb nonsense. I've shown this to a ton of people and they all found humor in it. Cool Ethan is quite possibly the craziest character ever written and what his face from Rushmore pulls it off perfectly. Plus whats his face from that Stan video is PIMP in this movie. Seriously...take notes from STAN, eminems greatest fan.

My advice to you critics that downplay a stupid script in the first place is to stop watching comedy's. Stop now while you're ahead. Thank you and good day.