February 27th, 2002


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ShottasShottasKy-Mani Marley and Cess Silvera at event of ShottasShottasKy-Mani Marley and Cess Silvera at event of ShottasKy-Mani Marley and Cess Silvera at event of Shottas

Friendship, loyalty & greed.

Release Year: 2002

Rating: 5.7/10 (1,767 voted)

Critic's Score: 36/100

Director: Cess Silvera

Stars: Ky-Mani Marley, Spragga Benz, Louie Rankin

Ky-Mani Marley - Biggs (as Kymani Marley)
Spragga Benz - Wayne
Louie Rankin - Teddy Bruck Shut
Paul Campbell - Mad Max
Wyclef Jean - Richie
J.R. Silvera - Young Biggs
Carlton Grant Jr. - Young Wayne
Munair Zacca - Mr. Anderson
Claudette Pious - Auntie Pauline
Isiah Laing - Detective Laing
Beast - Teddy Bruck Shut's Hitman
Jabba - Dangles (as Jabba Mitchell)
Screechie Bop - Gussy
San San - Raquel
Andrew 'Flipper' Davis - John John

Taglines: Friendship, loyalty & greed.

Release Date: 27 February 2002

Filming Locations: Kingston, Jamaica

Box Office Details

Budget: $200,000(estimated)

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Continuity: When Biggs, Wayne and Mad Max rough up Teddy Bruckshut in the restaurant, Mad Max pistol-whips one of Teddy's goons, who is seen bleeding profusely. Later in the scene, the goon is shown unharmed.

User Review

A cool and enjoyable movie

Rating: 9/10

This movie will probably be difficult to find, but it's worth it!

Cess Silvera does a good job directing. Everything looks very cool and stylish. He also captures the action scenes very well, they are not overly bloody either. Well done to him on the writing too. It is an original story. There aren't many movies (actually I don't know of any) that show the life of a shotta/gangster on the streets of Jamaica. Also the Jamaican drug dealers in Miami. I hope to see more from Cess Silvera!

Quite good soundtrack. All the songs suit the scene their placed in.

Some people thought that the acting wasn't good. I thought it was fine. Each actor plays their character very well. The stand outs were Ky-Mani Marley and Paul Campbell.

Overall I thought it was a cool and enjoyable movie. A good gangster film. As I said before, it maybe difficult to find, but it's worth it!