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At the end of his career, a clueless fashion model is brainwashed to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 6.4/10 (93,169 voted)

Critic's Score: 61/100

Ben Stiller

Stars: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor

Derek Zoolander is VH1's three time male model of the year, but when Hansel wins the award instead, Zoolander's world becomes upside down. His friends disappear, his father is disappointed in him, and he feels that he's not good as a model anymore. But when evil fashion guru Mugato hires Zoolander, he thinks his life has turned back round again, that is until he finds out that Mugato has actually brainwashed him to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Can Zoolander and his new friends find out how to prevent the incident before it's too late?

Writers: Drake Sather, Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller

Derek Zoolander

Owen Wilson


Christine Taylor

Matilda Jeffries

Will Ferrell

Jacobim Mugatu

Milla Jovovich

Katinka Ingabogovinanana

Jerry Stiller

Maury Ballstein

David Duchovny

J.P. Prewitt

Jon Voight

Larry Zoolander

Judah Friedlander

Scrappy Zoolander

Nathan Lee Graham


Alexandre Manning


(as Alexander Manning)

Asio Highsmith


Alexander Skarsgård


Donald Trump


Christian Slater


3% Body Fat. 1% Brain Activity.

Release Date: 28 September 2001

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $28,000,000


Opening Weekend: $15,525,043
(30 September 2001)
(2507 Screens)

Gross: $60,780,981

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Director Trademark:
[Ben Stiller]
Star Trek]
Mugatu is named after Mugato from
A Private Little War.


Factual errors:
Even though they can be requested, orange mocha frappuccinos aren't on the Starbucks menu and aren't orange.


[first lines]

And here in Malaysia, there is an almost overwhelming sense of euphoria as the newly-elected prime minister has given this nation a gift of hope promising to raise the substandard minimum wage and end child labor once and for all. Already considered a living saint he has become this small country's greatest hope for a thriving future in the new millennium.

User Review

A Classic of the Idiot Genre


Since Zoolander was released, I think I can safely say that it's become
one of the most popular dumb comedies of the past ten years (a decade
that was all too saturated with dumb comedies). Maybe it's the
tongue-in-cheek attitude, or the clever writing, or the fact that it's
immensely quotable ("I'm pretty sure there's more to life than being
really, really, ridiculously good looking"). But whatever it is, it
makes for a terrifically fun movie.

Ben Stiller is Derek Zoolander, three-time male model of the year,
whose brainpower never quite caught up to his really, really ridiculous
good looks. After losing his title to up-and-coming model Hansel (he's
so hot right now), played by a Zen-ed out Owen Wilson, and the death of
three of his model friends in a tragic gasoline fight accident, he goes
on a quest to find his purpose in life. Turns out, his purpose in life
is as the face of Mugatu (Will Ferrel with the world's best hair)'s new
Derelicte fashion campaign–or so he's led to believe.

The plot is not strong. The characters are not fleshed out. But Ben
Stiller keeps Derek's stupidity hysterical instead of irritating, and
the rest of the cast adds gimmick after gimmick to keep things running.
(Come on, the coal mines of New Jersey? Tell me that's not funny.)