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Love can survive any Storm

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 3.6/10 (134 voted)

Jag Mundhra

Stars: Richard Tyson, Helen Brodie, Doug Jeffery

Writers: Jag Mundhra, Greg Heffernan


Richard Tyson

Gaspar Dias
Kenneth Blake

Helen Brodie

Dona Paula
Leela Miranda

Doug Jeffery


Jenny McShane

Sally Stephens

Gulshan Grover

Brian Miranda

Faizal Ahmed

Goon #3

Murad Ali

Auto Rickshaw Driver

Victor Bhalla

Advisor #2

Ashwani Chopra

Inspector D'souza

(as Ashwini Chopra)

Inacio D'Souza



Dancer at the Party

Simon Fernandes

Advisor #1

Durga Jasraj



Goon #4


Bell Boy

Love can survive any Storm

Release Date: 3 Jan 2001

Filming Locations: Goa, India

User Review

This Film is actually very good

Rating: 8/10

I saw this film and think it shows Goa, India, very nicely. Goa is
featured in the Bourne Supremacy opening sequence–but so fast you
don't get a feel for it. This film captures Goa beautifully. It also
has a story line that appeals to a lot of American men and women. I
told my brother in Idaho to check it out and he and his 20 year old
sons said it was a great movie. I particularly liked Matt McCoy as the
Interpol agent working undercover. Matt was well known in Hand That
Rocks The Cradle and LA Confidential. He's really quite good. Gulshan
Grover is a bit over the top as the villain, but Richard Tyson is
really quite good as the Pentagon official lost in India and hopelessly
in love with beautiful Helen Brodie, the Indian model. If you just want
an exotic adventure in exotic India this is a great escape. The ending
and back story of the past works very well too.