Bubble Boy

August 24th, 2001


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Still of Marley Shelton in Bubble BoyBeau Flynn and Blair Hayes in Bubble BoyCarla Gugino at event of Bubble BoyChloe helps Jimmy with his hairStill of John Carroll Lynch and Jake Gyllenhaal in Bubble BoyStill of Swoosie Kurtz in Bubble Boy

"Bubble Boy" is a comedy about a young man who was born without an immune system and has lived his life within a plastic bubble in his bedroom...

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 5.4/10 (14,080 voted)

Critic's Score: 41/100

Director: Blair Hayes

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Swoosie Kurtz, Marley Shelton

"Bubble Boy" is a comedy about a young man who was born without an immune system and has lived his life within a plastic bubble in his bedroom. When he finds out that the woman he has loved since childhood is about to be married at Niagara Falls, he builds a portable bubble suit and ventures into the outside world to win her affections.

Writers: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio

Jake Gyllenhaal - Jimmy Livingston
Swoosie Kurtz - Mrs. Livingston
Marley Shelton - Chloe
Danny Trejo - Slim
John Carroll Lynch - Mr. Livingston
Verne Troyer - Dr. Phreak
Dave Sheridan - Mark
Brian George - Pushpop
Patrick Cranshaw - Pappy / Pippy
Stephen Spinella - Chicken Man
Ever Carradine - Lisa, Mark's Sister
Geoffrey Arend - Flipper Boy
Beetlejuice - Li'l Zip
Matthew McGrory - Human Sasquatch
Bonnie Morgan - Rubber Woman

Taglines: Life is an adventure. Don't blow it.

Release Date: 24 August 2001

Filming Locations: La Verne, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $13,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $2,038,349 (USA) (26 August 2001) (1605 Screens)

Gross: $5,002,310 (USA) (14 October 2001)

Technical Specs


Did You Know?

Despite the fact that this was filmed in Super 35, "Filmed in Panavision" is listed in the end credits.

Continuity: When Jimmy's parents arrive in Las Vegas the cult bus can be seen arriving behind them. Then, after the casino sequence, the cult bus is seen arriving again.

Mrs. Livingston: "Dear Mr. and Ms. Livingston, we have kidnapped your son. Give us $100,000 dollars or he dies. Signed, the Jews." Are you kidding? ARE YOU KIDDING? Who in their right mind is going to believe this note Morton? THEY'RE THE JEWS. THEY'RE GOING TO WANT MORE THAN $100,000!

User Review

Not as Dumb as it Looks


When I rented it, I was expecting to be disappointed. What a shock! An awesome film with a delightfully goofy plot. I did not find it offensive in any reagrd. In fact, I disagree with those who have called the film "stupid" or "dumb" or void of any real social commentary. In a nutshell, Almost everyone Jimmy encounters on his adventure is trapped in their own self imposed bubble. Truth is, we all find ways to insulate ourselves from the world, and impose "Bubbles" to convince ourselves of non-existent limitations that prevent us from being and doing what we want. The film's irony and beauty lies in the fact that while Jimmy's bubble is the most obvious, he is the free-est character in the film. He refuses to accept the limitations of his bubble, and will follow his heart no matter what the cost. How many of us can look in the mirror and say the same about ourselves? Well worth the cost of rental. One of the least recognized film jewels of the century so far.