Titanic: The Legend Goes On…

September 15, 2000 0 By Fans
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An animated retelling of the worst passenger ship disaster in history. In this version, love blossoms between the upper-class Sir William and the blue-collar Angelica…

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 1.3/10 (1,889 voted)

Camillo Teti

Stars: Lisa Russo, Mark Thompson-Ashworth, Gisella Mathews

An animated retelling of the worst passenger ship disaster in history. In this version, love blossoms between the upper-class Sir William and the blue-collar Angelica, who is hoping to find romance in America. At the same time, there are also a number of animal passengers, including talking dogs, cats and mice, who are also looking forward to arriving in the New World.


Lisa Russo



Mark Thompson-Ashworth


(as Mark Ashworth)

Gisella Mathews



Silva Belton



Bianca Alessandra Ara


(as Bianca Ara)

Veronica Wells



Jacques Stany



Clive Riche



Doug Meakin



Mickey Knox



David Brandon



Kenneth Belton

The Captain

(as Ken Belton)

Pat Starke



Caroline Yung



Jill Tyler



Release Date: 15 September 2000

Did You Know?


Gregory Snegoff previously did voice work for
The Legend of the Titanic which is also an animated Italian movie like this one.


Revealing mistakes:
The dolphins pull the chef and animal's crates, without ropes.


Victoria, where's William? Do you think he's safe?

I'm sure he is. Don't worry, everything will turn out fine. You'll see.

User Review

The first Titanic film where the iceberg is the hero

Rating: 1/10

OK, normally I go into a paragraph of introduction on how I came across
this film and a little bit about the film or film trivia, well not this
time, I'm going to let you judge for yourself on just what I'm going to
tell you with this "story".

The movie starts off with the ending… ??? Yeah, the ship sinks, sorry
to spoil this movie for you already. But anyways we have a man and a
woman rowing in a lifeboat, rowing, rowing, rowing as we hear people
screaming for their lives on the sinking ship. We pan into the woman's
eye into a flashback, a la Titanic(1997), and right before the same
woman, Angelica, boards the Titanic, we see she is actually a servant
to her evil step mother and her two evil step sisters, a la Disney's
Cinderella. She has a blue colored locket necklace, a la Titanic(1997),
inside there is a picture of her mother, oh what happened to her
mother? Of course the evil step family taunts her pain and that she'll
never find her mother.

Just about everyone and I do mean EVERYONE, including animals(when did
this become Noah's Ark?) board the Titanic with happy joy. We even have
two thieves, a la 101 Dalmations/Home Alone, with their evil woman
thief, a la 101 Dalmations. There is a detective on their tails, a la
Sherlock Holmes, who's a moron and couldn't catch a cold. We then meet
a man named Geston, a la Beauty and the Beast, who takes Angelica's
locket and gives it to the busty hot singer of the ship, a la Celine
Dion/Titanic, to impress her.

We cut to a mouse with his family, a la An American Tail, where he's
about to get eaten by a cat that randomly pops up out of nowhere, he's
saved by a dog… now, brace yourself, it's not just any dog, it's a
dog that… can… rap! Yes, I'm sure James Cameron really regrets now
cutting out of his Titanic his rapping dog, after all a music genre
that wasn't invented till decades later is perfect for children and
history. So yeah, a rapping dog, dare we move on? Yeah, let's keep

So we meet William, a pretty oh so British rich man with a nanny who
happened to loose her daughter years earlier. William then meets
Angelica in the hall after washing her evil fat step sister's clothes,
but the connection is unstoppable as William touches her hand and she
runs away while he makes goofy faces saying how he must see her again!
He eventually does see her again and asks if she'll be at the dinner
reception, but she has nothing to wear! So, a la Titanic(1997), one of
the other maids has an old dress that she used to wear and it magically
fits Angelica perfectly. Not only that, a la Cinderella, the mice feel
bad that Angelica's necklace is gone so they steal it back for her.

Dinner comes and William takes his lady saying how happy he is to have
her… THEN learns her name ???? Hmm, yeah. He defends her in front of
her evil step family and takes her to her room; everything is just
dandy, so dandy, let's have Mexican mice do a salsa song? Uh huh, OK
mind you I just had to have a few shots of Jack Daniels to get this
far. But let's not forget this is Titanic, the iceberg comes! FINALLY,
the iceberg hits the ship and what better solution? The men grab
buckets and start filling them up with the water in the ship and
throwing it back out at the ocean *slaps forehead in shame* OK, I have
to keep going, William of course panics and goes to save his lady love
and of course being lower class she is trapped behind a metal gate that
the other passengers break down like it's cheese. William tells her to
go with the women and children and they'll meet again soon, swoon.

As the ship sinks, on the same lifeboat, the two thieves and their lady
leader are still trying to steal stuff? Good timing, not to mention how
funny they are while the ship is sinking and people are dying. This is
where Angelica meets her mother!!! She's not at all angry, in fact her
mother says she wanted to keep her daughter, yet she didn't, and her
and Angelica hug in happiness. As the Titanic goes down, the
Dalmatians, a la 101 Dalmations, start crying? William goes down with
the ship but of course not without saving a child! So the lifeboat with
Angelica finds a body in the water and it's… ah, great, it's just the
detective, well that was a waste of human space on the boat. However
they do find William and somehow he's very much alive and both him and
the detective act happy and are soon on their feet dancing and William
kisses his love in slow motion. We think it's the end, but instead a
creepy child tells us how the step sisters married the two thieves and
are unhappy and Angelica and William got married, adopted children and
puppies and lived happily ever after.

Yeah, that's right, Titanic gets a happy ending. The writer is working
on the sequel September 11th, 200FUN! Don't show this movie to anyone,
I have to go to the hospital now from alcohol poisoning.