June 16th, 2000


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New York City police detective John Shaft (nephew of the original 1970s detective) goes on a personal mission to make sure the son of a real estate tycoon is brought to justice after a racially-motivated murder.

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 5.9/10 (38,910 voted)

Critic's Score: 50/100

Director: John Singleton

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Christian Bale

Cool and deadly NYPD detective John Shaft arrests Walter Wade, Jr. in a racially-motivated slaying. The eye witness disappears, Wade jumps bail for Switzerland, and Shaft is livid. Two years later, Wade returns to face trial, confident his father's money and influence (and racial politics) guarantee an innocent verdict. Shaft looks hard for the witness, so Wade wants someone to kill her. He turns to a ghetto drug king, Peoples Hernandez, who's willing to kill for money, use Wade as a route to rich drug customers, and shaft Shaft. Can Shaft find the witness, convince her to testify, and shepherd her through the hail of bullets that Peoples is sure to let fly?

Writers: Ernest Tidyman, John Singleton

Samuel L. Jackson - John Shaft
Vanessa Williams - Carmen Vasquez
Jeffrey Wright - Peoples Hernandez
Christian Bale - Walter Wade, Jr.
Busta Rhymes - Rasaan
Dan Hedaya - Jack Roselli
Toni Collette - Diane Palmieri
Richard Roundtree - Uncle John Shaft
Ruben Santiago-Hudson - Jimmy Groves
Josef Sommer - Curt Fleming
Lynne Thigpen - Carla Howard
Philip Bosco - Walter Wade, Sr.
Pat Hingle - Hon. Dennis Bradford
Lee Tergesen - Luger
Daniel von Bargen - Lt. Kearney (as Daniel Von Bargen)

Taglines: Still the man, any questions?


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Release Date: 16 June 2000

Filming Locations: Broadway & 20th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $44,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $21,714,757 (USA) (18 June 2000) (2337 Screens)

Gross: $107,196,498 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

Isaac Hayes, the composer of the Shaft theme song, Gordon Parks, the director of the original Shaft, and John Singleton, director of this version, all have cameos.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: The Trinidad and Tobago Flag hanging in Rasaan's apartment is upside-down (presumably because he didn't know any better).

Peoples Hernandez: [In jail] What you in here for, man? Income tax evasion?

User Review

Still the man...

Rating: 8/10

I went to see this movie expecting to see a big-budget remake of the original Shaft, and I got it.

This version is a lot more violent than the original, it didn't seem to be in Shaft's style. The pacing and editing in the first half of the movie were fast and smooth. John Singleton did a great job in establishing Shaft's character and the plot. During the second half of the movie (when the action really begins), however, the movie starts to lose it's original slickness.

Samuel L. Jackson is truly a great Shaft, he's probably the only actor out there (besides the great Richard Roundtree) who could pull this off, and he does an excellent job. This time around, though, we don't really see Shaft's "Ladies' Man" side, except for a couple of innuendoes with minor characters. Like I said, Jackson's Shaft is a little too violent (even for a desensitized, Tarantino fan like me). Christian Bale, after playing a cold,rich, psychopathic killer in "American Psycho", plays a...cold, rich, psychopathic killer. He's perfect in his ability to make us feel absolutely no compassion for him. It's impossible not to mention Bustah Rhymes in a small but great role as Shaft's driver/assistant. He provides some of the comic relief, taking some strain off of Jackson.

I thoroughly enjoyed Isaac Hayes' Oscar-Winning theme, which plays throughout the movie.

This Shaft is a great movie for anyone who's a fan of the original, Sam Jackson, or great action movies in general.