Rape Me

June 28th, 2000


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Two young women, marginalised by society, go on a destructive tour of sex and violence. Breaking norms and killing men - and shattering the complacency of polite cinema audiences.

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 4.4/10 (10,144 voted)

Critic's Score: 35/100

Director: Virginie Despentes

Stars: Raffaëla Anderson, Karen Lancaume, Céline Beugnot

Manu and Nadine lose their last tenuous relationship with main-stream society when Manu gets raped and Nadine sees her only friend being shot. After a chance encounter, they embark on an explosive journey of sex and murder. Perhaps as a revenge against men, perhaps as a revolt against bourgeois society, but certainly in a negation - almost joyful in its senseless violence - of all the codes of a society which has excluded, raped and humiliated them. Controversial for its violence and real sex scenes: a vividly nihilist road movie set in France.

Writers: Coralie, Virginie Despentes

Karen Lancaume - Nadine (as Karen Bach)
Raffaëla Anderson - Manu
Céline Beugnot - Blonde at Billiards
Adama Niane - Boy at Billiards
Christophe Claudy Landry - Guy at Counter
Tewfik Saad - Server
Delphine McCarty - Severine
Ouassini Embarek - Radouan
Patrick Kodjo Topou - Big Thug (as Patrick-Kodjo Topou)
Lisa Marshall - Karla
Hacène Beddrouh - Lakim
Patrick Eudeline - Francis
Ian Scott - Rapist #1
Philippe Houillez - Rapist #2
Steven Jhonsson - Rapist #3


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Release Date: 28 June 2000

Filming Locations: Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

Opening Weekend: $5,793 (USA) (29 April 2001) (1 Screen)

Gross: $74,018 (USA) (1 October 2000)

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Runtime:  | Colombia:  | Japan:

Did You Know?

The stars and a director are adult film stars.

Manu: I've thought about taking a jump or burning alive. Self-immolation is pretty pretentious. After we finish in the Vosges, let's do the jump without the bungee.

User Review

a sexual and violent experience....but a very nice one

Rating: 7/10

Maybe it's because I live in Holland and have a very open mind to sex, drugs and well, maybe not to murder but I was not that shocked.

Of course the rape scene was a bit hard and did not leave much to your imagination, but the rest.... Me and my girlfriend were just entertained by the rest of the movie.

I just read some other 20 user comments and I was in fact shocked by those. Prudish americans and british telling you that it is shocking and garbage and so on. A 5.0 average makes also clear that most of the people are still filled with tabboos.

Big erections and mindless sex.... so what? shooting people up there arse? surely I'd prefer that compared to what happens to the guy that rapes marsellus wallace in Pulp Fiction.

Indeed this was a low budget movie and the camerawork was perhaps of poor quality but it suits the pic. As a student indeed a search for reasons and meaning and I find it hihgly irritating that some people complain about things left unexplained. What are you? Can't you think and maybe even guess for yourselves? Does everything have to be explained?

We both liked it and surely I understand this is not a movie for everyone. I think more of it as an experimental piece of work, seek your own reasons for what they are doing, enjoy this wild ride and if you persist in having a monumentuous storyline, oscar performances and so on, and you are not specifically entertained by x rated sex, lots of blood and the socalled 'holes' in this story then....

Just don't watch this movie!!!!

The backside of the DVD or VHS gives plenty of clues that this is a controversial movie and when you have an open mind and like these kind of movies, i recommend it.

We give it a 7.0