Boys and Girls

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Jason Biggs stars as HunterAmanda Detmer stars as AmyJennifer & RyanJennifer & AmyClaire Forlani stars as JenniferFreddie Prinze Jr. stars as Ryan


A friendship is put to the ultimate test when two best friends wind up in bed together.

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 4.9/10 (8,749 voted)

Critic's Score: 29/100

Robert Iscove

Stars: Freddie Prinze Jr., Claire Forlani, Brendon Ryan Barrett

Jennifer and Ryan are students at UC Berkeley, acquaintances off and on since early adolescence. She's quick, witty, ironic, literary, and independent; he's deliberate, literal, serious, studying structural engineering, always working on a plan. They take walks, they console each other over break-ups, he shares his plans. She's headed for Italy after graduation. Then, to their equal surprise, they spend a night together. Her response is to skitter away from continued intimacy and want to stay friends; he's hurt by her response, so he withdraws. Can it all get sorted out before she leaves town?

Writers: Andrew Lowery, Andrew Miller


Brendon Ryan Barrett

Young Ryan Walker

Gay Thomas-Wilson

N.Y. Flight Attendant

Raquel Beaudene

Young Jennifer Burrows

Claire Forlani

Jennifer Burrows

David Smigelski

Homecoming King

Blake Shields

Homecoming Knight

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Ryan Walker

Alyson Hannigan


Jason Biggs


Amanda Detmer


Sean Maysonet


John X

D.J. at Club

Tsianina Joelson

Girl in Bar

Kristofer Mickelson

Big Guy

Matt Carmody


Opposites Attack

Release Date: 16 June 2000

Filming Locations: Berkeley, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $16,000,000


Opening Weekend: $7,008,950
(18 June 2000)
(1983 Screens)

Gross: $24,678,000

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


Monica Potter was originally cast as Katie.


Errors in geography:
What is suppose to be Telegraph Ave. is not the real Telegraph Ave. at all.


[first lines]

N.Y. Flight Attendant:
Can I help you?

I don't know. Can you?

User Review

Better Than "When Harry Met Sally"

Rating: 10/10

All the critics seem to be saying that this movie is trying to be "When
Harry Met Sally" and failing miserably at it, instead of seeing what a
change of pace it is to see a romantic movie about two people who don't
and run around naked. I get so tired of seeing the same plot line over
over and then when someone makes an original movie like "Boys and Girls"
is bashed because people say it is boring. It is not boring, it just
contains great dialogue instead of the usual lame boyfriend girlfriend
where they all try to figure out who to sleep with next or what funny sex
scene they can come up with. It is incredibly sweet and it contains a
performance by the wonderful Claire Forlani. She is such an incredible
actress and no one seems to notice. The same thing happened with "Meet
Black" because it had wonderful dialogue and no one saw that either. I
think people just don't like movies with any character development that
actually cause you to think about anything other than what will blow up
next. If you want to see something that takes a little effort to
understand, then go see "Boys and Girls". The dance scene alone is worth
the $7.00.