All the Pretty Horses

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Still of Matt Damon in All the Pretty HorsesStill of Matt Damon and Penélope Cruz in All the Pretty HorsesHenry Thomas at event of All the Pretty HorsesStill of Matt Damon in All the Pretty HorsesJohn, Jimmy & LaceyJohn and Alejandra


Two Texas cowboys head to Mexico in search of work, but soon find themselves in trouble with the law after one of them falls in love with a wealthy rancher's daughter

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 5.8/10 (7,569 voted)

Critic's Score: 55/100

Billy Bob Thornton

Stars: Matt Damon, Penélope Cruz, Henry Thomas

A young Texan drifter named John Grady Cole who seeks a better life in Mexico, but when he crosses the border, all he finds is adventure and hardships.

Writers: Cormac McCarthy, Ted Tally


Matt Damon

John Grady Cole

Henry Thomas

Lacey Rawlins

Penélope Cruz


J.D. Young


Laura Poe


Sam Shepard

J.C. Franklin

Robert Patrick


Lucas Black

Jimmy Blevins

Yvette Diaz


Imelda Colindres

Girl's Mom

Augustin Solis


(as Agustin Solis)

Rubén Blades

Don Hector de la Rocha

Elizabeth Ibarra


Miriam Colon

Doña Alfonsa

(as Miriam Colón)

Lonnie Rodriguez


Some passions can never be tamed.


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Release Date: 25 December 2000

Filming Locations: Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $57,000,000


Opening Weekend: $1,304,971
(25 December 2000)
(1483 Screens)

Gross: $18,133,495

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Did You Know?


Although Robert Patrick plays Matt Damon's father, he is only 12 years older than his 'son'.


When the three cowboys cross the Rio Grande, their left-to-right order on the screen is Cole, Blevins, Rawlins. Then when the camera returns to them a moment later, it is Blevins, Cole, Rawlins.


Doña Alfonsa:
In the end, Mr. Cole…

Doña Alfonsa:
…we all get cured of our sentiments.

Doña Alfonsa:
Those whom life doesn't cure…

Doña Alfonsa:
…death will.

User Review

You ain't never been struck by lightning. You don't know what it's like.

Rating: 10/10

I don't think I will ever understand the disappointing backlash against
this film. What I witnessed was not your typical "western" film full of
passionate love and implausible events. Instead, what I saw was
beautifully captured images, powerful acting by Damon and Thomas, a
story that twisted further down a darkened rabbit hole than I was
expecting, and this challenging character study that gave us a brief
insight to a world that will never be seen by our eyes again. This was
not the romantic film that it was marketed as, this was not the
adventure that it was marketed as, but instead it was the story of one
character and the tribulations that effect him on his journey into the
real world. It is the story of a very compassionate man that sees the
honest darkness of those around him and must face the consequences of
his actions. It showcases amazing acting that may be a bit disturbing
for the unfamiliar eye, but to me was nothing short of brilliant. Billy
Bob successfully adapted the story from the page, but it was not the
film that he wanted. Miramax butchered this film in the marketing
aspect, which ultimately hurt it overall. I will never understand why
this did not receive the praise it should have, but will never be
ashamed to bring it out for friends and family to enjoy. This film was
like finding a dollar in the couch, an unexpected surprise that keeps a
smile on your face the rest of the day.

I have read several reviews that just completely dismantle Damon's
acting in this film. While his accent does fade in and out randomly, it
is the way that he carries himself and reacts to the situations that
unfold before him that really showcase the true acting ability of this
star. While I do not think that Bennifer has made the best choices to
challenge his career, Damon continually proves that he has the ability
to be a force in Hollywood. This film alone proves it. He built this
beautiful chemistry between him and Cruz that teetered on fear and
sorrow. He showed his compassion towards Blevins and Lacey continually
throughout the film showing that his idea of friendship was stronger
than anyone expected. His strength and will shined brightly when he was
ultimately faced with death. These are all moments where other actors
would have cheapened it up and tried to fake the audience instead of
showing the truth. I thought Damon showed us honesty, he showed us a
part of him that I was not expecting. If you couldn't tell already, he
really impressed me. But yet so did everyone else in this film. I
honestly thought that the kid from Sling Blade, Lucas Black, would
never work again, and I was skeptical of him in this film, but he was
exceptional. He took us away from his character in Sling Blade and
built a whole new name for himself. He took the challenges of this
character and pushed them out of the television. The same can be said
for Henry Thomas that continues to impress me with his ability to
capture his moments and make them so real. Finally, Billy Bob did a
great job of casting the rest of this film to bring the images and
feelings of the time period to light. I could feel the dusty world of
Texas and Mexico through the smaller characters that he cast.

Speaking of Billy Bob, could we not agree that these actors wouldn't
have been half as good if it were not for the amazing direction behind
the camera. I wish that I could have seen his version of the film
instead of the choppy Miramax version. He has a very gifted eye, and
while sometimes he takes roles that I think blur that eye, he always
seems to rebound with a very riveting performance. He is constantly
experimenting with genres and styles, and this film shows that he can
break traditional boundaries. The images that he captured on film help
create this darkness that surrounded our main characters. The scene
with the thunderstorm I thought was beautiful, as was the rolling
Mexican landscape. He places us into the film as more than just
observers, and that is a sign of a great director.

Finally, I would like to pose the question of why Grady was so
infatuated with Blevins? There were several moments during the film
where he could have simply walked away from the boy, and Lacey even
suggested it continually, but they always stayed with him. I realize
that a main reason may be to develop the plot, but I think there was a
more symbolic meaning. I feel that Damon connected with the boy because
they had a kindred spirit. Damon was this passive, controlled character
that never really understood himself until later on in the film, while
Blevins was this wild-hair that never controlled himself or thought
about his decisions. It was as if they were polar opposites, but yet
they were perfectly matched. I think Damon liked him because it was
what he aspired to be. I sometimes felt that the secondary characters
were not real, and sometimes they were just imaginary images of what
Damon wanted himself to be more like. This thought created a much
darker picture for me that forced this film to go deeper into my mind
and be more enjoyable than I thought.

Overall, I really liked this film. While others will definitely
disagree, I thought that the acting, story, and especially the
direction deserved more attention that what was handed to it.

Grade: ***** out of *****