September 25th, 1998


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A former L.A. drug dealer has moved to Houston to make a new life for himself as a married architect...

Release Year: 1998

Rating: 7.1/10 (7,574 voted)

Director: Skip Woods

Stars: Thomas Jane, Aaron Eckhart, Paulina Porizkova

A former L.A. drug dealer has moved to Houston to make a new life for himself as a married architect. Everything falls apart when he is suddenly visited by one of his former cohorts who comes carrying heroin. Discovering the dope, the architect flushes it down the drain. This sets up a series of tough customers seeking the dope including a Rasta hit-man, an ex-lover Dallas who ties him up and rapes him, a criminal called Billy with a penchant for torture, and a rogue cop.

Thomas Jane - Casey
Aaron Eckhart - Nick
Paulina Porizkova - Dallas
James LeGros - Billy Hill (as James Le Gros)
Paula Marshall - Christine
Michael Jeter - Dr. Jarvis
Glenn Plummer - Ice
Mickey Rourke - Kasarov
Luck Hari - Cashier
Bari K. Willerford - Cop
Richard Wong - Mr. Wong
Shawn Michael Howard - Jimmy
Gary Dourdan - Ballpean
Brian Hooks - Jary
Jeff Sanders - Ballpean's Bodyguard

Taglines: They say the past always catches up with you. This could be the day.

Release Date: 25 September 1998

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Opening Weekend: £2,492 (UK) (1 October 1998) (1 Screen)

Gross: $8,095 (UK)

Technical Specs

Runtime:USA: (theatrical version)  | USA: (director's cut)

Continuity: The amount of blood on Casey's face when he is tied to the chair is different in almost every cut.

Casey: What do ya think? Am I close?

User Review

As classic as Pulp Fiction

Rating: 8/10

As I stated earlier this year, in my review of Swordfish (which was scripted by this films writer/director/producer Skip Woods) this is a good film. It ranks very high up there in my crime flick list among Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Pulp Fiction and Snatch. Basically I think this film is for me what Reservoir Dogs was for many people - a cult classic - although I prefer to compare it with Pulp Fiction. I mean I never liked Tarantino's first effort a lot, but I sure as hell liked this one as much as I like Pulp Fiction, for it simply has everything a classic needs. A great story and good actors. OK the budget might be not as big as in for instance Godzilla, The Avengers of Mission to Mars but it sure as hell beats the living crap out of those films (and numerous others).

The story of this film, is about a man named Casey (Thomas Jane), who has settled down with his wife in Houston. Unexpectedly an old friend of his comes by disrupting his life, revealing his secrets and basically making his day a living hell (and a bloody one too).

The film is very original and quite bloody / sexually tinted. So based on that first and that last quality I can assure you that if you like this film, you'll also like Swordfish, which of course has a much bigger budget and more famous faces than this one but is just as good (though not as bloody and not quite as sexually tinted). I saw this film for the second time last night and I really enjoyed it (again). I mean all the characters and actors are good, although I must give very big credits to Thomas Jane and Paulina Porizkova, who were the best actors (and had the best characters) in the film. Also I'd have to thank Skip Woods for being so imaginative and original. Brutal, sexual, offensive??? Maybe, but sure as heck enjoyable and a thrill ride to the end.

8 out of 10