Star Trek: Insurrection

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Still of LeVar Burton and Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: InsurrectionStill of Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: InsurrectionStill of Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis in Star Trek: InsurrectionStill of Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart and Donna Murphy in Star Trek: InsurrectionJonathan Frakes in Star Trek: InsurrectionStill of Patrick Stewart and Donna Murphy in Star Trek: Insurrection


When the crew of the Enterprise learn of a Federation plot against the inhabitants of a unique planet, Captain Picard begins an open rebellion.

Release Year: 1998

Rating: 6.3/10 (32,239 voted)

Critic's Score: 64/100

Jonathan Frakes

Stars: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner

When an alien race–and forces within Starfleet–attempt to take over a planet that has "magical" properties, it falls upon Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E to defend the planet's people as well as the very ideals upon which the Federation itself was founded.

Writers: Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman


Patrick Stewart


Jonathan Frakes


Brent Spiner


LeVar Burton


(as Levar Burton)

Michael Dorn


Gates McFadden


Marina Sirtis


F. Murray Abraham


Donna Murphy


Anthony Zerbe


Gregg Henry


Daniel Hugh Kelly


Michael Welch


Mark Deakins


Stephanie Niznik


The Battle For Paradise Has Begun


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Release Date: 11 December 1998

Filming Locations: Bishop, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $58,000,000


Opening Weekend: $22,052,836
(13 December 1998)
(2620 Screens)

Gross: $119,000,000

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


The manual control column that Riker uses to steer the Enterprise is a modified Gravis Thunderbird PC joystick.


Audio/visual unsynchronized:
When Ru'afo socks Dougherty in the face, he obviously misses, yet we hear a punch effect.


[first lines]

[children playing hide and seek]

There he is. Let's get him, come on!

User Review

Whoever said this was the worst Star Trek film is so wrong!

Rating: 8/10

In my personal opinion, and as an avid Next Generation fan, without a
doubt "Insurrection" is one of the best Star Trek films, and the third
outing for Picard, Riker, Deanna and the rest of the Next Generation
crew stays most true to their esteemed television series. This time
round, the crew are faced with a violation of the Prime Directive and
whether or not the 600 people who live on a literal planet-of-youth are
more important than the millions of other people that could benefit
from the planet's regenerative powers. Action, drama, comedy and
romance follow in true Star Trek spectacular.

As always Patrick Stewart is in top form as Captain Picard who leads
the Star Trek resistance to save the innocents from one of his own
corrupt superiors Vice Admiral Dougherty (played terrifically by
Anthony Zerbe) who are involved with some aliens (including F. Murray
Abraham's Ad'har). Along the way Picard finds a new friend in Anij
(played by the lovely Donna Murphy), one of the Ba'ku, and a little
romance follows.

Jonathan Frakes once again directs and does an outstanding job, though
it does mean his character Commander Riker gets a bit less screen time,
though he is always a pleasure to watch. Riker's relationship with
Commander / Counsellor Deanna Troi heats up in this film (and it's
about time too!) Marina Sirtis of course returns as the lovely Troi and
gets a fairly good amount of screen time this time round, and certainly
most of the comical moments. Frakes and Sirtis have great chemistry

Brent Spinter's Data gets (as usual) too much screen time, again his
story consists of his quest to become more human and the like, though
he does befriend a Ba'ku child which was done quite well. As usual
Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher), Michael Dorn (Lt. Commander Worf)
and LeVar Burton (Lt. Commander LaForge) are given very little to do in
the Star Trek films, and this one is no exception, though at least Worf
and LaForge got their own small story lines – Worf had to go through
puberty again and LaForge found himself with the ability to see.
Beverly however only gets a "storyline" involving her boobs firming up.
Terrific. Poor Gates must be the most under-appreciated actress in all
of Star Trek, but also the most gracious for returning each time.

The special effects of "Star Trek: Insurrection" are above average, and
the music score is really well done. Often its the small moments in the
Next Generation films that are the best, and this one is no different,
but at least the big moments are good too. I think the "Star Trek the
Next Generation" films are probably the only action-type films in which
the heroes are all (with the exception of Marina Sirtis) in their 50's
and people still want to watch them. Quite interesting too that a main
theme of the movie was the eternal youth. At least when the sad time
comes that the Next Generation cast are no longer alive, they will be
immortalised in history by their much loved characters and beautiful
stories, just like "Insurrection".