Rush Hour

September 18th, 1998


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Still of Jackie Chan in Rush HourStill of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush HourStill of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush HourStill of Jackie Chan in Rush HourStill of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush HourStill of Chris Tucker in Rush Hour

Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter.

Release Year: 1998

Rating: 6.8/10 (83,422 voted)

Critic's Score: 60/100

Director: Brett Ratner

Stars: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ken Leung

Cultures clash and tempers flares as the two cops named Detective Inspector Lee a Hong Kong Detective and Detective James Carter FBI, a big-mouthed work-alone Los Angeles cop who are from different worlds discovers one thing in common: they can't stand each other. With time running out, they must join forces to catch the criminals and save the eleven-year-old Chinese girl of the Chinese consul named Soo Yung.

Writers: Ross LaManna, Jim Kouf

Ken Leung - Sang
Jackie Chan - Lee
Tom Wilkinson - Griffin
Tzi Ma - Consul Han
Robert Littman - First Caucasian
Michael Chow - Dinner Guest
Julia Hsu - Soo Yung
Chris Tucker - Carter
Chris Penn - Clive
Kai Lennox - Cop at Diner
Larry Sullivan - Cop at Diner (as Larry Sullivan Jr.)
Yang Lin - Consul Secretary (as Yan Ling)
Roger Fan - Soo Yung's Bodyguard
George Cheung - Soo Yung's Driver
Lucy Lin - Exposition Official

Taglines: The Fastest Hands In The East Meet The Biggest Mouth In The West.

Release Date: 18 September 1998

Filming Locations: 380 South San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $33,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $33,001,803 (USA) (20 September 1998) (2638 Screens)

Gross: $244,386,864 (Worldwide)

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | Spain: (DVD edition)

Did You Know?

Elizabeth Peña played a prank on Brett Ratner in which she appeared on the set wearing nothing but her character's bomb squad vest. According to Peña, she thought Ratner would laugh and howl but instead he was extremely nervous and embarrassed.

Continuity: When James Carter arrives to be briefed as an FBI agent, his Corvette has a mag wheel on the right front. The next time we see his car, it has spoked wheels all around.

Carter: I'm still the law around, clean it up... and brush your teeth.

User Review

Chris Tucker at his best!

Rating: 8/10

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, the best comedic duo since Lethal Weapon bring us Rush Hour. A classic action movie that brings great action as well as awesome comedy that makes you laugh every minute. Chris Tucker has always been one of my favorite comedians, even before I saw Rush Hour, so it was great to see him in Rush Hour. I know a lot of people find him annoying, but I thought he was just so funny. He showed off his talents in Rush Hour. Not only him, but this is the film that is making Jackie Chan into a world wide super star. His stunts are simply incredible. Rush Hour is one of those very fun action/comedy movies that I'm sure you'll enjoy if you love movies like Lethal Weapon or 48 Hours. The story was just pure entertainment and really kept me on the edge.

Lee is a body guard to the Chinese ambassador and is also a close friend, he also is a teacher to his daughter, Soo Yong. The ambassador goes to the United States with his daughter, but she is kidnapped by an evil man of the Chinese Consol. They want 50 million dollars in return, but the ambassador thinks that Lee should be involved, so he sends for him, but the F.B.I. doesn't want him near the case. So they hire L.A.P.D. screw up, James Carter, to babysit him. But together, the fastest hands in the east meets the fastest mouth in the west, they must learn to work together despite their complete opposite personalities and get the girl back.

Rush Hour is a guaranteed classic down the lines somewhere, I'm sure. It's already spawned a sequel and it's been a success. Chris and Jackie are such a great team, I was really impressed with their chemistry. My favorite scene is where Lee plays "War" by Edwin Starr in Carter's car, and he doesn't know how to say the lyrics correctly, and Carter shows him some moves, it was such a classic scene that brought me down to the floor laughing. I highly recommend Rush Hour, it's all in good fun and it'll give you more than a few good laughs.