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Detective Ray Morgan accidentally kills the son of a mob boss. The mob boss orders to have Morgan killed unknowing that the assassin killed Morgan's wife and kids…

Release Year: 1998

Rating: 5.1/10 (279 voted)

Art Camacho

Stars: Gary Daniels, Gregory McKinney, Thomas Kopache

Detective Ray Morgan accidentally kills the son of a mob boss. The mob boss orders to have Morgan killed unknowing that the assassin killed Morgan's wife and kids. Now Morgan's out for revenge..and he'll do it his own way.

Writers: Art Camacho, Richard Preston Jr.


Gary Daniels

Det. Ray Morgan

Gregory McKinney

Det. Lucas Cassidy

(as Gregory A. McKinney)

Thomas Kopache

Captain Trent

(as Tom Kopache)

Billy Maddox

Mr. Brown

John Sanderford

Chief Det. Arnold 'Cat' Canton

Robin Curtis

Julie Sloan

Kelli McCarty

Tina Morgan

Maurice Lamont

Off. Alex Boorman

Richard Foronjy

Vincent Sloan

Michael Alaimo

Father Navarra

Christopher Boyer


Vincent DePalma

Nicholas Sloan

(as Vince DePalma)

Griffin Drew


Francis Fallon

Devon Sloan

Grady Hutt

Jeremy Morgan

Release Date: 5 March 1998

Filming Locations: 1010 S. Flower St, Los Angeles, California, USA

Technical Specs



Crew or equipment visible:
A wire is clearly visible when Gary Daniels is jumping away from the exploding white limousine.

User Review

Simple and somewhat typical plot, but a very good action movie overall.


*Mild spoilers*

After Deadly Target, Rage and Riot, this is the fourth movie from PM
Entertainment to star Gary Daniels in the lead. While not as entertaining as
Rage or Deadly Target, or as good as other PM Entertainment productions such
as Executive Target and Last Man Standing, Recoil is nevertheless a very
solid action thriller with fantastic action scenes including several vehicle
chases, bloody shootouts and a couple of great fight scenes.

The plot is strictly by the numbers, and the movie plays out quite
strangely. For example, the first fifty minutes would lead you to believe it
will be a buddy cop movie in the mould of Lethal Weapon, but then the lead
characters family is killed, his partner killed and then it takes a turn as
a vigilante actioner for the last half hour. Despite this sudden turn, both
parts are played out well, the action scenes are solid and happen between
reasonable intervals, so at no point is the movie dull.

I noticed another reviewer made the comment "This movie is like a XXX movie
with all the nudity replaced by pointless fighting.". I would just like to
point out that this is entirely untrue, as there are no fight scenes till
after the story takes the vigilante turn which is over 50 minutes into it.
Although it stars Gary Daniels in the lead, this definitely can't be classed
as a martial arts thriller, as most of the action is made up of chases and
shootouts. Although it's credited as being directed by Art Camacho, it feels
like a Joseph Merhi/Richard Pepin production from every angle, from the
massive opening shootout leading to a chase, to the climatic chase scene
leading to a shootout. Fortunately all the action scenes work fantastically.
Tons of stuff blows up and looks good doing it, sparks fly, slow motion
isn't overused and in the few fight scenes that are there, Gary Daniels gets
to show off his skills and the choreography is excellent and there's tons of
crazy stunts in the PM tradition to top it all off. It's these kind of
things that I really miss in new big studio action movies, which nowadays
are full of CGI and overly large budgets.

Gary Daniels isn't bad in his role. Considering his background comes from
the kickboxing side of things first and acting second, it shouldn't surprise
too many people that he isn't a very good actor, but he makes a likeable
action hero and in this movie creates a lot of sympathy when his family are
killed and the chemistry between him, his family and his partner is good. I
instantly recognised Richard Foronjy as Tony Sarvo from Midnight Run, in
this playing the lead villain as Vincent Sloan. He looks believable as a
crime boss, but somehow came across a little too soft for the role. Robin
Curtis is a terrible actress and does nothing but sob and complain in the
role of Sloan's wife. Fortunately though, she doesn't have much

Although there are better movies from Gary Daniels and PM Entertainment,
Recoil is a well paced and thoroughly entertaining action movie and if you
like this kind of stuff, it's definitely worth a go. Again it's a movie not
made to make us think, but to entertain and it definitely