December 4th, 1998


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Vince Vaughn in Psycho

A young female embezzeler arrives at the Bates Motel which has terrible secrets of its own.

Release Year: 1998

Rating: 4.6/10 (23,934 voted)

Critic's Score: 47/100

Director: Gus Van Sant

Stars: Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, Julianne Moore

Marion Crane steals a lot of cash from a man whom her boss is in business with. On the way to see her boyfriend, she stops off by an old motel, run by the odd Norman Bates. She is murdered in the shower. Her sister, boyfriend, and a private investigator try to find out where she is, while we learn more about Norman Bates.

Writers: Robert Bloch, Joseph Stefano

Vince Vaughn - Norman Bates
Julianne Moore - Lila Crane
Viggo Mortensen - Samuel 'Sam' Loomis
Anne Heche - Marion Crane
William H. Macy - Milton Arbogast
Robert Forster - Dr. Fred Simon
Philip Baker Hall - Sheriff Al Chambers
Anne Haney - Mrs. Eliza Chambers
Chad Everett - Tom Cassidy
Rance Howard - Mr. Lowery
Rita Wilson - Caroline
James Remar - Patrolman
James LeGros - Charlie the Car Dealer
Steven Clark Pachosa - Police Guard
O.B. Babbs - Mechanic

Taglines: This is the FACE of Norman Bates. This is the MIND of Norman Bates. On December 4th, discover the WORLD of Norman Bates.


Official Website: Universal |

Release Date: 4 December 1998

Filming Locations: Colonial Street, Backlot, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $25,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $10,031,850 (USA) (6 December 1998) (2477 Screens)

Gross: $37,141,130 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

The scene with Marion talking to the police officer on the highway was the first scene to be shot.

Continuity: The cars parked on the street as seen from inside Marion's car do not match the cars as seen from outside.

[first lines]
Samuel 'Sam' Loomis: You never did eat your lunch, did you?
Marion Crane: I better get back to the office. These extended lunch hours give my boss excess acid.
Samuel 'Sam' Loomis: Why don't you call your boss and tell him you're taking the rest of the afternoon off? Its Friday, anyway - and hot.
Marion Crane: What do I do with my free afternoon? Walk you to the airport?

User Review


Rating: 1/10

Yes, why? Among the filmmakers that came out in the 80's and 90's Gus Van Sant is one of my idols. There are others, a few. Steven Sodebergh, PT Anderson, Tim Hunter, Danny Boyle, Martin Donovan, Harmony Korine, Wes Anderson. Idiosyncratic, infuriating some times, but consistent, surprising, unpredictable. Their names make me switch on the TV, go to a video store or even buy a ticket and go to a movie theater. Van Sant's "Psycho" however, gives me pause. Why? I wonder. A shot by shot massacre of one of the perennial classics. The color was jarring, the performances, atrocious. What was Vince Vaughn doing? Was it a parody? A bad joke? What the hell was it? Anne Heche as Janet Leigh? Who dressed her? Viggo Mortensen with a cowboy hat. Viggo is a superb actor but in this case he couldn't make us forget John Gavin and if Julianne Moore had been introduced to the world through this performance there wouldn't have been any "The Hours" for her, "The Minutes" maybe. So, here I am, bad mouthing the work of one of my idols. The crashing question remains: Why, Mr. Van Sant? Maybe, in the words of President Clinton, because he could. I'm afraid that's no excuse.