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Naive young Mormon Joe Young is recruited to act in porn movies.

Release Year: 1997

Rating: 6.0/10 (19,350 voted)

Critic's Score: 48/100

Trey Parker

Stars: Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, Robyn Lynne Raab

Joe Young was a simple young man trying to spread the word of the Book of Mormon when he picked the wrong house to preach at! The owner, a porn director named Maxxx Orbison, tells his henchmen to kill the guy at the door who interrupted their scene, but Joe fights off the guards with great skill, which impresses Maxxx so much that he offers Joe the lead role in the movie he's making at the moment: Orgazmo, which is about a sex superhero who fights crime with his Orgazmorator, and ChodaBoy, his sidekick. Joe, against his beliefs, takes the job so that he can pay for the wedding he plans for himself and his fiancé, whom he doesn't tell about his risqué new acting job. However, when the movie becomes an amazing hit just about everywhere and he finds out that Ben (ChodaBoy) has created a real Orgazmorator, Joe is in some serious hot water!


Trey Parker

Joe Young

Dian Bachar

Ben Chapleski

Robyn Lynne Raab


(as Robyn Lynne)

Michael Dean Jacobs

Maxxx Orbison

Ron Jeremy


Andrew Kemler


(as Andrew W. Kemler)

David Dunn


Matt Stone

Dave the Lighting Guy

Toddy Walters


Chasey Lain


Juli Ashton


Masao Maki


(as Masao 'Maki' San)

Joseph Arsenault

Jimmy the Fish

Jeff Schubert

Tommy the Shark

Desi Singh

Randy the Guppy

He's coming to save the world!


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Release Date: 23 October 1998

Filming Locations: Hollywood Sign, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $1,000,000


Opening Weekend: $210,073
(25 October 1998)
(94 Screens)

Gross: $582,024
(22 November 1998)

Technical Specs


(cut version)
Hong Kong:

Did You Know?


Trey Parker and Matt Stone had originally intended for the film to be a musical; like their previous film,
Cannibal! The Musical (aka Cannibal! The Musical). Unfortunately, they had trouble enough finding investors for the unusual story of Orgazmo on its own, so that idea was dropped.


Incorrectly regarded as goofs:
During Joe's initial visit to the porno film shoot, a boom microphone is visible over the original Orgazmo's (Ken Merckx) head as he is speaking to the henchman. However, this could be from the movie-within-a-movie, rather than the main movie


My doctor says now I have enough silicone in my body to kill a small elephant! Isn't that cool?

User Review

Rude, crude, and hilarious

Rating: 9/10

Sometimes I just need brain candy. When I need brain candy, I can rely on
Matt Stone and Trey Parker to deliver.

Orgazmo is full of potty humour, blasphemy, and other rudeness. It
relentlessly mocks religious zealots, the porn industry, and nearly
everything in between.

There is nothing good about the acting or production qualities — in fact,
the *poor* acting and production qualities add to the humour, I think, in
the same way that the cheesy attempt at animation adds to the humour of
South Park. The entertainment value of 'Orgazmo' lies primarily in the
situation — and even if the individual jokes are not fantastically
original, the situation *is*. It's just good, stupid fun.

Think of the rudest, raunchiest of all the South Park episodes — like the
one where Cartman joins NAMBLA, or the one where the kids start a fad of
sexually stimulating dogs. If you enjoyed those, you will probably enjoy
Orgazmo. If you didn't appreciate the humour or found them offensive, don't
bother with this movie.

Personally, my tastes are so base that I consider this one of the funniest
comedies I've ever seen.