Mighty Joe Young

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Mighty Joe YoungStill of Ron Underwood in Mighty Joe YoungStill of Charlize Theron in Mighty Joe YoungStill of Bill Paxton, Charlize Theron and Ron Underwood in Mighty Joe YoungStill of Ron Underwood in Mighty Joe YoungStill of Bill Paxton and Charlize Theron in Mighty Joe Young


After Mighty Joe Young is brought to America for safety reasons, he escapes and rampages through Hollywood, spurred by tormentors out for revenge.

Release Year: 1998

Rating: 5.4/10 (12,112 voted)

Ron Underwood

Stars: Bill Paxton, Charlize Theron, Rade Serbedzija

The baby gorilla left in her care grows up to become a hugely tall and broad specimen by the name of Joe, living in the mountains as a mostly unseen legend among people who live there. Along comes an eco-minded emissary from a California sanctuary, who talks the jungle girl into providing safe haven for Joe at the L.A. facility. The transition is not without discomfort, but everything is aggravated via a conspiracy of poachers to get Joe into their own greedy hands!

Writers: Merian C. Cooper, Ruth Rose


Charlize Theron

Jill Young

Bill Paxton

Professor Gregory 'Gregg' O'Hara

Rade Serbedzija

Andrei Strasser

Peter Firth


David Paymer

Harry Ruben

Regina King

Cecily Banks

Robert Wisdom


Naveen Andrews


Lawrence Pressman

Dr. Elliot Baker

Linda Purl

Dr. Ruth Young

Mika Boorem

Young Jill Young

Geoffrey Blake


Christian Clemenson


Cory Buck


Liz Georges

Jason's Mother

Survival is an instinct.

Release Date: 25 December 1998

Filming Locations: Hawaii, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $90,000,000


Opening Weekend: $10,602,042
(27 December 1998)
(2502 Screens)

Gross: $50,632,037

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


[Ray Harryhausen]
he did most of the stop-motion animated effects in the original movie in 1947.


Factual errors:
A fully grown male gorilla is not strong enough in relation to his weight to climb a tree, (or a girder) – yet at 2.5 times normal size, Joe's muscles are only 6.3 times stronger than a real gorilla's, while his body would be 15.6 times heavier.


Jill Young:
[sees Greg coming out of the infirmary]
He's walking already? Joe should have dropped him harder.

User Review

Grouse Gorilla


Mighty Joe Young is a big, big gorilla who gets time in L.A. escaping
poachers who are after him in his home hill in Africa. This is a remake of a
remake of King Kong (1933), which was made in 1949 as the original Mighty
Joe Young.

This latest version is a remarkable computer and animatronic invention,
justly nominated for this year's Academy Awards. He really is whiz bang and
totally believable as a creature on the screen.

His best friends are Jill played by the very attractive Charlize Theron and
Gregg played by Bill Paxton in a pretty light weight film for him
considering some of his previous films (One False Move, A Simple

But take note too of Naveen Andrews who plays the screwball jungle tour
guide. He was remarkable in The English Patient and Kama Sutra. Oh well. The
bills have to be paid.

Mighty Joe Young is a Disney film aimed squarely at the fairly young,
complete with the fairly gruesome bits that today's TV bred ankle biters
demand. So what's in it for the oldies.

Well there's Charlize Theron who's pretty gorgeous. And then there's a
truly spectacular scene when big Joe climbs up a burning (yes burning!)
Ferris Wheel at a L.A. amusement park at night and rescues a little

But my favourite bit was Joe violently wrecking a car bit by bit because
the car alarm is sounding. His self satisfied grin as he sat on the
quietened nuisance was one that made me wish that I could also rock Ms
Theron to sleep.