Home Alone 3

December 12th, 1997


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Plot Alex Pruitt, a young boy of nine living in Chicago, fend off thieves who seek a top-secret chip in his toy car to support a North Korean terrorist organization's next deed.

Release Year: 1997

Rating: 3.8/10 (30,207 voted)

Director: Raja Gosnell

Stars: Alex D. Linz, Olek Krupa, Rya Kihlstedt

Storyline Four high-tech industrial spies, Beaupre, Alice, Jernigan and Unger, steal a top-secret microchip, and, to fool customs, hide it in a remote-control toy car. Through a baggage mix-up at the airport, grumpy old Mrs.Hess gets the toy and gives it to her neighbor, 8-year-old Alex. Spies want to get the toy back before their clients get angry and decide to burglarize every house at Alex's street to find the chip. But Alex is prepared for their visit...

Cast: Alex D. Linz -

Alex Pruitt Olek Krupa -Petr Beaupre Rya Kihlstedt -Alice Ribbons Lenny von Dohlen -Burton Jernigan David Thornton -Earl Unger Haviland Morris -Karen Pruitt Kevin Kilner -Jack Pruitt Marian Seldes -Mrs. Hess Seth Smith -Stan Pruitt Scarlett Johansson -Molly Pruitt Christopher Curry -Agent Stuckey Baxter Harris -Police Captain James Saito -Chinese Mob Boss Kevin Gudahl -Techie Richard Hamilton -Cab Driver 

Taglines: It's bad news for bad guys... Again.


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Release Date: 12 December 1997

Filming Locations: 3026 Normandy Pl., Evanston, Illinois, USA

Opening Weekend: $5,085,482 (USA) (14 December 1997) (2147 Screens)

Gross: $79,082,515 (Worldwide)

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Trivia: The first major role for Scarlett Johansson.

Goofs: Continuity: When Alex is running to Mrs. Hess's garage, the toy car is under his right arm. When he enters her garage, it is under his left arm.


Karen Pruitt: You get in that bed, young man.Alex: Excuse me, but I saw a man in Karen Stephen's bedroom, a little older than Dad, and he was wearing butt inspection gloves.Karen Pruitt: I have warned you about that telescope. You look through it long enough, you're gonna start seeing things, whether or not they're there.Alex: Well, I guess you have to be 35 before anyone around here listens to you.Karen Pruitt: Don't get smart with me, Alex. Sick or not, I am very angry with you. You caused a lot of trouble today. Dad and I have to replace a door at the Stephens'. Do you think we're happy about that? [...]User Review

This movie is not so badRating:

Everybody says this movie sucks...i don't think that at all. We can't have kevin forever...he's gotta grow up at some point. That's why it was good to go with a new family that would keep the spirit of home alone alive...remember it's for the kids. plus the bad guys were more advanced then marv & harry (not saying that i didn't like marv & harry) but these guys had high-tec equitment that was pretty cool. This movie was new,fresh,well acted & had good direction. (RAJA GOSNEL)WAY-TO-GO JOHN HUGHES!!!!