Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

November 21st, 1997


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Ridley and crew on the set of

A group of martial arts warriors have only six days to save the Earth from an extra-dimensional invasion.

Release Year: 1997

Rating: 3.3/10 (20,932 voted)

Critic's Score: 11/100

Director: John R. Leonetti

Stars: Robin Shou, Talisa Soto, James Remar

Mortal Kombat is an ancient tournament where the Earth Realm warriors battle against the forces of Outworld. Liu Kang and a few chosen fighters fought and defeated the powerful sorcerer Shang Tsung, their victory would preserve the peace on Earth for one more generation. Taking place now where the first movie left off, the Earth realm warriors live a short period of peace when evil forces from another dimension come to invade and wreak havoc on Earth. They are guided by the forces of Outworld leader, Shao Kahn and his generals such as: Motaro, Rain, Ermac, Sheeva and Sindel. Now Liu Kang, Raiden, Jax, Sonya and Kitana must defeat Shao Kahn in six days before the Earth realm merges with the Outworld.

Writers: Ed Boon, Lawrence Kasanoff

Robin Shou - Liu Kang
Talisa Soto - Kitana
James Remar - Rayden
Sandra Hess - Sonya Blade
Lynn 'Red' Williams - Jax
Brian Thompson - Shao-Kahn
Reiner Schöne - Shinnok (as Reiner Schoene)
Musetta Vander - Sindel
Irina Pantaeva - Jade
Deron McBee - Motaro
Marjean Holden - Sheeva
Litefoot - Nightwolf
Chris Conrad - Johnny Cage
John Medlen - Ermac
J.J. Perry - Cyrax / Scorpion

Taglines: Last time they were fighting for their lives. This time they're fighting for ours.


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Release Date: 21 November 1997

Filming Locations: Ayuthaya, Thailand

Box Office Details

Budget: $30,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $16,771,694 (USA) (23 November 1997) (2140 Screens)

Gross: $51,376,861 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

Ray Park's first film role was as Rayden's fight double in this movie.

Revealing mistakes: After Rayden has his new identity, he is attacked by the ninjas. During this fight scene you can clearly see Rayden's stunt double instead of the main actor fighting.

[first lines]
Rayden: [narrating] Mortal Kombat is not about death, but rather the preservation of life. Liu Kang and a few chosen fighters from the Earth realm defeated Outworld sorcerer Shang Tsung. According to the rules of Mortal Kombat, their victory preserved the safety of the Earth for one more generation. Our chosen ones were returned to Liu Kang's home on Earth, only to enjoy a brief period of peace... for someone from Outworld has a different point of view.

User Review

You got to be kidding me!

Rating: 1/10

I have been a big fan of MK since the beginning, although I must admit I lost interest in the game series after part III.

Buying MK Deception this past Christmas renewed my interest in the series.

This movie was crap and I can't believe I bought this mess.

Good thing I found it for 9.99 at the used bin, so I wasn't out of much.

I was expecting to see a REAL sequel to the first movie, which I found fairly entertaining.

I thought the first film was very good and does the game upon which it is based some justice.

Not the case with MKA.

The first problem is that they tried to fuse too much of MK2 with MK3.

Then, if you're going to replace a character with another actor (Christopher Lambert), then at least make sure the new actor does a batter job than the first. The first Raiden was a hard-ass, and you knew not to mess with him. The second Raiden was a wuss and every time we saw him he was going through a wall.

Weak portrayals of major MK characters was another flaw.

The actress who portrayed Sonya Blade was nowhere near as good as Bridgette Wilson (the first Sonya).

Same could be said with Cage (Linden Ashby).

What was the point of even having Ermac and Rain in the movie if they weren't going to be referred to? A very weak portrayal of Sindel, Kitana's mother and the actress who played her isn't fit to act in soap operas.

Line example: Kitana: "My mother is dead." Sindel: "As will be her daughter!" Gimmie a break! Stick with the first.