August 9th, 1996


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Because of an unusual aging disorder that has aged him four times faster than a normal human being, a boy enters the fifth grade for the first time with the appearance of a 40 year old man.

Release Year: 1996

Rating: 5.4/10 (23,746 voted)

Critic's Score: 31/100

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Stars: Robin Williams, Diane Lane, Brian Kerwin

The movie is about a boy with a unique aging disorder: one that makes him age 4 times faster than normal. It picks up when Jack (Robin Williams) is 10 years old, but looks 40. He tries to go to public school for the first time, and to become friends with kids his own age. His physical appearance causes him lots of problems, however.

Writers: James DeMonaco, Gary Nadeau

Robin Williams - Jack Powell
Diane Lane - Karen Powell
Brian Kerwin - Brian Powell
Jennifer Lopez - Miss Marquez
Bill Cosby - Lawrence Woodruff
Fran Drescher - Dolores 'D.D.' Durante
Adam Zolotin - Louis 'Louie' Durante
Todd Bosley - Eddie
Seth Smith - John-John
Mario Yedidia - George
Jeremy Lelliott - Johnny Duffer
Jurnee Smollett - Phoebe
Dani Faith - Jane
Hugo Hernandez - Victor
Rickey D'Shon Collins - Eric

Taglines: Jack Powell is about to tackle his biggest adventure ever...fifth grade!

Release Date: 9 August 1996

Filming Locations: Mare Island, Vallejo, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $45,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $11,191,496 (USA) (11 August 1996) (1710 Screens)

Gross: $58,586,889 (USA) (12 January 1997)

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Did You Know?

Tom Hanks was the original choice for the lead role because of his performance in Big.

Continuity: Jack tells his class that his birthday is on September 12, but his parents were at a Halloween party the night he was born.

Principal McGee: Jack, how would you like to see your classroom?
Jack: [quietly] Yes.
Principal McGee: A little louder.
Jack: [even more quietly] Yes.
Principal McGee: A little louder, Jack.
Jack: [shouts loudly] YES!

User Review

Genuinely amusing

Rating: 6/10

Okay it's not exactly the biggest stretch of casting to have Robin Williams playing a ten year old in the body of an adult. However, Jack is a pretty decent and funny movie. Jack Powell is born and he ages at four times the normal rate. For the first ten years of his life he is tutored at home and sheltered by his parents. Bill Cosby plays his tutor Mr. Woodruff. Diane Lane and Brian Kerwin play his parents who are reluctant to send Jack to public school because they fear the other children's reactions to him. When he does go to school, his teacher, played by Jennifer Lopez, welcomes him with open arms while, predictably the kids are both awed and afraid, and teasing soon follows. Jack gains acceptance when the boys realize that he is a natural for basketball, and he soon is running with a whole group of new friends.

The rest of the movie is basically about Jack and how his body is just naturally slowing down, leading to his withdrawal from school, his eventual return, and the epilogue at his high school graduation.

Jack was a pretty charming film and I liked the way that Robin Williams acted in his scenes with Diane Lane as the 10 year old with a strong bond with his mother, and her feelings of longing when he shows that he is pulling away when he gains friends his own physical age.