Nine Months

July 12th, 1995


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When he finds out his longtime girlfriend is pregnant, a commitment-phobe realizes he might have to change his lifestyle for better or much, much worse.

Release Year: 1995

Rating: 5.3/10 (18,287 voted)

Director: Chris Columbus

Stars: Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Tom Arnold

Samuels life is perfect. That is, until he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant. Now he must face the issues that come with being an expecting father, in a most entertaining way.

Writers: Patrick Braoudé, Chris Columbus

Hugh Grant - Samuel Faulkner
Julianne Moore - Rebecca Taylor
Tom Arnold - Marty Dwyer
Joan Cusack - Gail Dwyer
Jeff Goldblum - Sean Fletcher
Robin Williams - Dr. Kosevich
Mia Cottet - Lili
Joey Simmrin - Truman
Ashley Johnson - Shannon Dwyer
Alexa Vega - Molly Dwyer
Aislin Roche - Patsy Dwyer
Priscilla Alden - Older Woman
Edward Ivory - Older Man
James Brady - Bicyclist (as James M. Brady)
Charles Martinet - Arnie (as Charles A. Martinet)

Taglines: Ready or Not.

Release Date: 12 July 1995

Filming Locations: Los Medanos Hospital, Pittsburg, California, USA

Opening Weekend: $12,500,000 (USA)

Gross: $69,700,000 (USA)

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Did You Know?

As Sam rushes Rebecca to the hospital, they pass a movie theatre showing "Home Alone VII". Home Alone was also directed by Chris Columbus.

Factual errors: When Samuel is driving his Porsche very fast his hair isn't blowing in the wind at all.

Dr. Kosevich: [drunk] We'll crack open another bottle just as soon as I circumcise your son!

User Review

Romantic Comedy

Rating: 7/10

I saw this film was on TV last night, and decided to check it out on IMDb. After reading the numerous negative comments, I was pretty skeptical and didn't really make an effort to get to the TV in time for it starting. What a mistake that was. My word, this was one funny film! Perhaps it's an acquired sense of humour, but in some parts I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt! It's certainly not a film that requires thought or is deep and meaningful in any way, but if you want a giggle, then Nine Months will definitely put a smile on your face. It did mine! The only downside is perhaps having such high profile stars in not very challenging roles. Aside from this, Nine Months is a light hearted comedy that really got me laughing.