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After the Power Rangers have lost their supernatural power when trying to save their leader, they need help and receive it from a beautiful female fighter getting taught the art of Ninjetti. Thus they are able to fulfill their mission.

Release Year: 1995

Rating: 4.1/10 (10,509 voted)

Director: Bryan Spicer

Stars: Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas

Six teenagers Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky and Aisha have discovered the power to fight the forces of evil. A giant egg is unearthed in Angel Grove. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa investigate the egg, and release the creature inside - Ivan Ooze, whom Zordon had trapped him inside the egg six thousand years ago. Once released, Ooze left to seek revenge on Zordon. And now Zordon in his crystalline deathbed is dying because he has no power, without the power then Zordon of Eltar will never existed. Now the fate of the universe is in their hands. But this time the Power Rangers head for a distant planet to meet up with a bikini-clad warrior babe named Dulcea who imparts ancient wisdom and power. But now that they have their powers back and becomes Power Rangers once more they will now get back to business and defeat Ivan Ooze at all costs.

Writers: John Kamps, Arne Olsen

Karan Ashley - Aisha Campbell / The Yellow Ranger
Johnny Yong Bosch - Adam Park / The Black Ranger
Steve Cardenas - Rocky DeSantos / The Red Ranger
Jason David Frank - Tommy Oliver / The White Ranger
Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly Hart / The Pink Ranger
David Yost - Billy Cranston / The Blue Ranger
Paul Schrier - Bulk
Jason Narvy - Skull
Paul Freeman - Ivan Ooze
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick - Dulcea
Nicholas Bell - Zordon
Peta-Maree Rixon - Alpha 5
Jean Paul Bell - Mordant
Kerry Casey - Goldar
Mark Ginther - Lord Zedd

Taglines: The Power Is On!

Release Date: 30 June 1995

Filming Locations: Bombo Quarry, Kiama, New South Wales, Australia

Box Office Details

Budget: $15,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $13,104,788 (USA) (2 July 1995)

Gross: $37,804,616 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Dulcea's back story was scripted, but cut from the final film. In the script, Dulcea was the sole survivor of an alien race named the Nathadians and it was her race that created the power of the Ninjetti stored in the Ninjetti Temple. Dulcea also explained she was a member of the Order of the Meledan, a group of young warriors that defeated and imprisoned Ivan Ooze on Earth, and that her friend Zordon was a member of the Order.

Continuity: When Bulk and Skull are skydiving, Skull never fastens his helmet. He then jumps out of the plane, and his helmet is tightly fastened.

[first lines]
Dulcea: Centuries ago, a legendary inter-dimensional being known as Zordon came to the city of Angel Grove to establish a command center for his never-ending struggle against evil. With the aid of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, the noble master sought six extraordinary teengagers and gave them the power to transform into a superhuman fighting force...

User Review

Don't see how it deserves a 3.2

Rating: 5/10

At least a 5 would suffice. Like come on this movie is meant for kids and those whom love that little nostalgia yeah it was corny, and yeah, it was really stupid. But fellows, that is the power rangers. Many teenagers such as myself grew up on it. We fed on the corniness of having huge robots to make one mighty robot. It's just sad how people will judge a movie based on power rangers because power rangers aren't cool anymore. Most of these people believe it isn't because society tells them, "hey you kid, you're what, 10? Yeah... well, f.y.i. you;re a loser for liking power rangers still, move onto anime." What else is sad... is how critical people are. It's a KID'S movie. Yeah, sure, "Finding Nemo" was funny for everyone but, Power Rangers was never meant for adults. Simply, children. If it was for adults I'd say hell yeah, a 2 is out of remorse, but since i remember the good old days. I'm giving this movie a 5 because yes, there is much better movies, but this movie is good for its purpose. Or at least was.