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Friend of the Family


A mysterious, but kind-hearted, drifter tries to help a wealthy, but dysfunctional, Malibu family with their personal and romantic problems between them.

Release Year: 1995

Rating: 5.1/10 (322 voted)

Edward Holzman

Stars: Shauna O'Brien, Griffin Drew, Burke Morgan

Linda is having problems with her new family. Her husband Jeff and his two teenagers are making life hell, and she turns to drink and worries about Jeff having an affair. One day Elke, an old friend's sister, appears at the door and moves in for a time. She proves to be intuitive about the family's needs and acts as a sexual catalyst for getting the family out of their relational problems.

Writers: Edward Holzman, April Moskowitz


Shauna O'Brien

Elke Taylor

Griffin Drew

Linda Williams Stillman

(as Annelyn Griffin Drew)

Burke Morgan

Jeff Stillman

(as C.T. Miller)

Lisa Boyle

Montana Stillman

(as Lissa Boyle)

Will Potter

Josh Stillman

Raelyn Saalman

Laura Kellogg

Alex Demir

Ron Kellogg

Betsy Monroe

Nancy Kellogg

Michael Jay


Dennis Larios


Begue Georges


Eddie Zona

Young Man

Sam Mongielo


Robert L. Newman


Michael Simmons


… something for everyone

Release Date: 3 Jan 1995

Filming Locations: Malibu, California, USA


Laura Kellogg:
Take my dress off!

User Review

Lisa, Shauna, and Griffin. What else can you ask for?

Rating: 9/10

This cult steamy soft core flick has aired for many times on Skinemax
and many Latin American cable channels. I had the chance to first watch
it on cable years ago and to this day, it's one of the best erotic
thrillers I've watched. It has everything: a sexy and interesting plot,
hot women, hot sex scenes, and likable characters.

You can't go wrong if Lisa Boyle, Shauna O'Brien, and Griffin Drew are
in the same movie.

I'm a huge fan of Shauna O'Brien but I must admit that Lisa Boyle OWNED
this movie. The woman is fantastic. She's hot, extremely beautiful, and
is a delight to watch her sex scenes. She's wild!

This movie is famous (or infamous?) for it's lesbian sex scenes and for
Lisa Boyle's sex scene in the car. Check out Shauna's sex scenes; she's
the best. No one like her could do lesbian soft core porn like Mrs.
O'Brien. Also, her sex scene with the father is memorable. I expected
more sex from Shauna but well she delivers expectations on the sex
factor. She goes to bed with the step-mom and father, and tongue kisses
the daughter and the song. She's a naughty friend! I enjoyed her scenes
because if she didn't have sex, she would wear the sexiest outfits
(spectacular mini dresses, tight jeans, etc.).

Watch this movie if you appreciate soft core flicks. This is for sure,
one of the best of all time. Buy this one on DVD. But be sure that it's
the unrated version. Enjoy!

Plenty of sex for all tastes!