First Knight

July 7th, 1995


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Still of Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond in First KnightStill of Sean Connery and Julia Ormond in First KnightStill of Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond in First KnightStill of Ben Cross in First KnightStill of Richard Gere and Julia Ormond in First KnightStill of Julia Ormond and Ben Cross in First Knight

Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere, who is due to be married to King Arthur. Meanwhile, a violent warlord tries to seize power from Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

Release Year: 1995

Rating: 5.7/10 (28,119 voted)

Director: Jerry Zucker

Stars: Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond

Lancelot lives by the sword. In fact, they're next door neighbours, so teaming up to fight for money comes pretty naturally. Lady Guinevere, on her way to marry King Arthur is ambushed by the evil Sir Malagant. Fortunately Lancelot is lurking nearby and he rescues his future queen. They fall in love, but Guinevere still fancies the idea of wearing a crown, so she honours her promise to Arthur. Can Lady Guinevere remain faithful, or will this Pretty Woman become a lady of the knight?

Writers: Lorne Cameron, David Hoselton

Sean Connery - King Arthur
Richard Gere - Lancelot
Julia Ormond - Guinevere
Ben Cross - Prince Malagant
Liam Cunningham - Agravaine
Christopher Villiers - Sir Kay
Valentine Pelka - Sir Patrise
Colin McCormack - Sir Mador
Ralph Ineson - Ralf
John Gielgud - Oswald
Stuart Bunce - Peter, King's Stableman
Jane Robbins - Elise
Jean Marie Coffey - Petronella
Paul Kynman - Mark
Tom Lucy - Sir Sagramore

Taglines: Their greatest battle would be for her love.


Official Website: Sony Pictures Entertainment |

Release Date: 7 July 1995

Filming Locations: Ashridge Park, Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Box Office Details

Budget: $55,000,000(estimated)

Opening Weekend: $10,900,000 (USA)

Gross: $37,600,435 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Mel Gibson was attached to this project at one stage.

Continuity: When Lancelot is showing the guy at the beginning how to sword fight and says "Give him a hand, he fought well" both of his arms are out but change position in between shots to having one arm out and one arm at his side.

Malagant: Self-sacrifice is very easy. It's having to sacrifice someone you love that puts your convictions to the test.

User Review

The Best Kind Of "Popcorn Movie"!

Rating: 9/10

I don't see why people are making so much noise against this movie. We all know this isn't a history class. We all know this isn't realistic in any way. It is NOT and it's NOT supposed to be! I've never heard people say : "The musical version of The Three Musketeers with Gene Kelly isn't faithful to the book". Frankly, who cares? If you want the true story, the realistic story, get a book or a documentary. What we have here is a true "popcorn movie", the kind of film you put in your DVD player for a nice evening of "no thinking, just enjoying". This is a Hollywood family movie, with 3 great stars, fancy costumes, beautiful scenery and great music. To me, this is some of the best entertainment! The kind of entertainment that cinema was invented for and that was so successful in the 40s and 50s. It seems to me that people today just can't enjoy that kind of entertainment anymore. And that is sad! So, please, stop complaining and just enjoy for Pete's sake! (lol!)