Devil in a Blue Dress

September 29th, 1995


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Still of Denzel Washington in Devil in a Blue DressStill of Denzel Washington in Devil in a Blue DressStill of Denzel Washington in Devil in a Blue DressDenzel Washington and Carl Franklin in Devil in a Blue DressCarl Franklin and Tak Fujimoto in Devil in a Blue DressDenzel Washington and Carl Franklin in Devil in a Blue Dress

An Afro-American man is hired to find a woman and gets mixed up in a murderous political scandal.

Release Year: 1995

Rating: 6.6/10 (7,997 voted)

Critic's Score: 78/100

Director: Carl Franklin

Stars: Denzel Washington, Tom Sizemore, Jennifer Beals

It is 1948 in LA and Ezikeal "Easy" Rawlins, an African-American World War II veteran, is looking for work. At his friend's bar, he is introduced to a white man, DeWitt Albright, who is looking for someone to help him find a missing white woman assumed to be hiding somewhere in LA's Black community. This woman, Daphane Monet, happens to be the fiancée of a wealthy "blue blood," Todd Carter, who is currently the favorite in the city's mayoralty race. Daphane Monet is known to frequent the Black jazz clubs in LA. Easy, innocently, accepts Albright's offer; however, he quickly finds himself amidst murder, crooked cops, ruthless politicians, and brutalizing hoodlums. This is a Chandler-esque "who-done-it" with an African-American theme.

Writers: Walter Mosley, Carl Franklin

Denzel Washington - Ezekiel 'Easy' Rawlins
Tom Sizemore - DeWitt Albright
Jennifer Beals - Daphne Monet
Don Cheadle - Mouse Alexander
Maury Chaykin - Matthew Terell
Terry Kinney - Todd Carter
Mel Winkler - Joppy
Albert Hall - Degan Odell
Lisa Nicole Carson - Coretta James
Jernard Burks - Dupree Brouchard
David Fonteno - Junior Fornay (as David Wolos-Fonteno)
John Roselius - Detective Mason
Beau Starr - Detective Jack Miller
Steven Randazzo - Benny Giacomo
Scott Lincoln - Richard McGee

Taglines: In a world divided by black and white, Easy Rawlins is about to cross the line.

Release Date: 29 September 1995

Filming Locations: Ambassador Hotel - 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $27,000,000(estimated)

Gross: $16,030,096 (USA)

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Did You Know?

ABC in 1998 was planning a pilot based on the film.

Anachronisms: Several of the cars used in the background are post-1948 models including one with fins.

Easy Rawlins: A man once told me that you step out of your door in the morning, and you are already in trouble. The only question is are you on top of that trouble or not?

User Review

Great detective story full of character, characters and plot


When Ezekiel `Easy' Rawlins loses his job he begins to worry how he'll make ends meet when DeWitt Albright offers him cash to help find Daphne Monet, the fiancée of politician Todd Carter. He takes the job as she is known to like Afro-Americans and will be easier for him to find. He gets information from a friend but is then framed for her murder. Stuck between the police and Albright's men, Easy has to uncover why Monet is so important to so many people and save himself from jail.

Franklin's greatest achievement here is the way he brings the period to life, albeit with a certain amount of nostalgic love for the idea. The film has a great jazz soundtrack and a real sense of place and atmosphere to it. This supports the plot well and makes the film feel stronger and richer for it. The plot is a solid mystery that sees Easy pulled into a wider plot with the inevitable twists and turns. It is layered well without being too complex or difficult to follow, but neither does it allow itself to become too simplistic or easy. The film doesn't really play on racism or the race of Easy but it does make race an equal influence (with money, power and influence) on the plot and the characters.

Washington plays Easy well, reacting well to things and being a good character. I don't know if it was ever planned that Easy would be a character than would allow for further adaptations, but I know I would like to have seen Washington take Easy further into his PI role. Sizemore is good in support, as are Kinney, Carson, Beals and Chaykin. The strongest support is given by Cheadle. His character may be extreme but he brings an energy to the film that it benefits from (although it didn't need it). The cast all ad to the rich feel of the plot and direction.

Overall this is a solidly enjoyable detective story with all the twists and turns that you could expect from that genre. However it also benefits from a great sense of place and time that is all though the film – not merely painted on with sets or soundtrack. A class act from Washington and others just adds to the feeling of quality.