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The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before ChristmasMitchel Musso and Ryan Newman at event of The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before Christmas


Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown, discovers Christmas Town, but doesn't quite understand the concept.

Release Year: 1993

Rating: 8.0/10 (108,672 voted)

Henry Selick

Stars: Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara

Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, is bored with doing the same thing every year for Halloween. One day he stumbles into Christmas Town, and is so taken with the idea of Christmas that he tries to get the resident bats, ghouls, and goblins of Halloween town to help him put on Christmas instead of Halloween — but alas, they can't get it quite right.

Writers: Tim Burton, Michael McDowell


Danny Elfman

Jack Skellington – Singing Voice
Clown with the Tear Away Face


Chris Sarandon

Jack Skellington


Catherine O'Hara



William Hickey

Dr. Finklestein


Glenn Shadix



Paul Reubens



Ken Page

Oogie Boogie


Edward Ivory


(as Ed Ivory)

Susan McBride

Big Witch


Debi Durst

Corpse Kid
Corpse Mom
Small Witch


Greg Proops

Harlequin Demon
Sax Player

(as Gregory Proops)

Kerry Katz

Man Under Stairs
Corpse Dad


Randy Crenshaw

Mr. Hyde


Sherwood Ball



Carmen Twillie

Undersea Gal
Man Under the Stairs


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Release Date: 29 October 1993

Filming Locations: San Francisco, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $18,000,000


Opening Weekend: $191,232
(17 October 1993)
(2 Screens)

Gross: $50,379,629
(1 January 2001)

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Did You Know?


Tim Burton wrote a three-page poem titled The Nightmare Before Christmas when he was a Disney animator in the early-1980s. Burton took inspiration from television specials of
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and the poem A Visit from St. Nicholas. On the 2008 Special Edition Blu-ray/DVD release, Christopher Lee narrates this poem with a new animated visual accompaniment.


Revealing mistakes:
As the Mayor turns on the reflector light at the town meeting, some bats fly off it, scared by the sudden light. Here you can clearly see the wires that they are suspended by.


[first lines]

'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems in a place perhaps you've seen in your dreams. For the story you're about to be told began with the holiday worlds of auld. Now you've probably wondered where holidays come from. If you haven't I'd say it's time you begun.

User Review

Burton's "Nightmare" is a dream come true

Rating: 10/10

By 1993, director Tim Burton was such a successful filmmaker in
Hollywood that he was able to return to one of his most beloved early
projects, "The Nightmare Before Christmas." It's certainly an inspired
movie, as it is also very weird, and when I say "weird," I mean it's
distinctly Burton.

Even though it was directed with enough competency by Henry Selick,
this groundbreaking stop-motion animation film is Burton all the way,
as it contains ample "esque" qualities that make this "Nightmare"
uniquely his vision.

As the film opens in the twisted, "Burton"-esque village of
"Halloweentown," Jack Skellington, who is dually voiced by Chris
Sarandon and longtime Burton collaborator Danny Elfman, is celebrating
another "horrible" Halloween. You'll be shocked and amazed at some of
the town's inhabitants, who include jazz-playing zombies, Four
Tenor-like vampires, a wolf man, and a wheelchair-bound scientist who
occasionally opens up his cranium to (literally) scratch his brain; his
creation, a Frankenstein-like scarecrow named Sally (Catherine O'Hara),
yearns for contact with others and is quite fond of Jack Skellington.

But Jack's quickly growing tired of the same old routine year after
year, and because he's so downtrodden with boredom, he ventures into
the dark forest outside the town's borders, and accidentally stumbles
onto the wondrous, jolly world of "Christmastown." Enticed by its
splendor, he decides to bring back his discovery to the residents of
Halloweentown, who of which are just as shocked by Christmas as he is.
Jack gets the brilliant idea to pose as Santa Claus but hires three
mischief-makers to kidnap the real Santa so he can share his own,
misguided vision of Christmas with an unprepared world.

Painstakingly and meticulously crafted, "The Nightmare Before
Christmas" is a beautiful and wonderful film from start to finish. The
most famous image of this film is the cover art, which features
Skellington eerily silhouetted against a full moon while he stands atop
a coiled hill that overlooks a desolate graveyard.

Burton is such a wonderful director, who had already brought us one
unique "esque" vision after the other, especially with the first two
"Batman" films and "Edward Scissorhands" behind him as of '93 when
"Nightmare" was made.