An evil, sadistic Leprechaun goes on a killing rampage in search of his beloved pot of gold.

Release Year: 1993

Rating: 4.3/10 (8,863 voted)

Mark Jones

Stars: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt

When Dan O'Grady returns to the U.S. after stealing some Irish leprechaun's pot of gold, he thinks he can settle down and enjoy his newfound wealth. He thought wrong. The leprechaun followed him and O'Grady barely gets away with his life, having locked the little monster in his basement. Ten years later, J.D. and his spoiled daughter Tory move in. By accident, the leprechaun is released and almost immediately the annoying creature starts to look for his gold, not displaying any respect for human life.


Warwick Davis


Jennifer Aniston

Tory Reding

Ken Olandt

Nathan Murphy

Mark Holton


Robert Hy Gorman


(as Robert Gorman)

Shay Duffin

Dan O'Grady

John Sanderford

J.D. Reding

John Voldstad

Shop Owner

Pamela Mant

Mrs. O'Grady

William Newman

Sheriff Cronin

David Permenter

Deputy Tripet

Raymond C. Turner


(as Raymond Turner)

Heather Kennedy


Tim Garrick


(as Timothy Garrick)

Alexandra Sachs

Little Girl's Voice


Your luck just ran out

Release Date: 8 January 1993

Filming Locations: Saugus, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $900,000


Opening Weekend: $2,493,020
(10 January 1993)
(620 Screens)

Gross: $8,556,940

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


Jennifer Aniston's feature film debut.


What are you?

What do I look like, me lad? See the hat? The buckles on me shoes? Why, I'm a Leprechaun!

User Review

Well, at least this series gave Warwick Davis steady employment.


This movie is not very good, but it is not entirely bad either. It has
moments, though overall it is rather stupid. What we get here is a killer
leprechaun so what does one expect? A leprechaun who constantly says "I
want mi gold". Not an unreasonable request for the most part, though he
does tend to go a little overboard with the killings to get what was
from him. Then again he proves to be quite civil if you return his
property, unless you short change him. This made me almost pull for the
leprechaun to chop open the moron who just had to swallow a piece of the
leprechaun's gold. This is not a great or even a good movie, but there is
enough in here to at least be entertained for an hour and a half. Plus,
Jennifer Aniston is in it too.