Dennis the Menace


Dennis, everyone's favorite kid from the comics is back. When his parents have to go out of town…

Release Year: 1993

Rating: 5.1/10 (18,406 voted)

Nick Castle

Stars: Walter Matthau, Mason Gamble, Joan Plowright

Dennis, everyone's favorite kid from the comics is back. When his parents have to go out of town, he stays with Mr and Mrs Wilson. The little menace is driving Mr Wilson crazy. But Dennis is just trying to be helpful. Even to the thief he bumps into.

Writers: Hank Ketcham, John Hughes


Walter Matthau

Mr. George Wilson

Mason Gamble

Dennis Mitchell

Joan Plowright

Mrs. Martha Wilson

Christopher Lloyd

Switchblade Sam (Town Robber)

Lea Thompson

Mrs. Alice Mitchell

Robert Stanton

Mr. Henry Mitchell

Amy Sakasitz

Margaret Wade

Kellen Hathaway


Paul Winfield

Chief of Police

Natasha Lyonne


Devin Ratray


Hank Johnston

Gunther Beckman

Melinda Mullins


Billie Bird

Edith Butterwell

Bill Erwin

Edward Little

America's classic kid in a classic comedy!

Release Date: 25 June 1993

Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Gross: $117,300,000

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Did You Know?


The nursery rhyme Dennis falls asleep to is Wynken, Blynken, and Nod by Eugene Field.


When Switchblade Sam and Dennis are under the bridge, and Dennis flicks a hot coal down Sam's pants, the burned hole moves from the middle of Sam's butt to his left cheek.


[first lines]

Hey, Mr. Wilson!

User Review

*** out of ****

Rating: 7/10

"Dennis the Menace" is unique in its own way because it's observant. This
movie made me laugh at stuff i've always laughed at and things i'd never
thought I would laugh at. The film can be surprisingly innocent at times
and sincere and heartwarming. And the kid who plays Dennis is a way better
actor than Macaulay Culkin. I liked the film for its imagination and
humor. A good film. I also liked how they showed Dennis trying to resist
the temptation to do something bad but can't resist.