Addams Family Values

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A comical Gothic horror-movie-type family tries to rescue their beloved uncle from his gold-digging new love.

Release Year: 1993

Rating: 6.3/10 (27,702 voted)

Barry Sonnenfeld

Stars: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd

On any day of the week, you could expect a newborn baby to be nurtured and loved by his older sister. Except, of course, if it's Wednesday. Pubert is the latest addition to the Addams family and, to prevent sibling rivalry escalating to fratricide, Wednesday and Pugsley are shipped off to summer camp and a nanny is hired. Debby Jellinsky is great with wrinkling baldies, which makes her the perfect nanny for Pubert and the unlikely wife of Uncle Fester. The question is…"Is she grave-digging or gold-digging?"

Writers: Charles Addams, Paul Rudnick


Anjelica Huston

Morticia Addams

Raul Julia

Gomez Addams

Christopher Lloyd

Uncle Fester Addams

Joan Cusack

Debbie Jellinsky

Christina Ricci

Wednesday Addams

Carol Kane


Jimmy Workman

Pugsley Addams

Kaitlyn Hooper

Pubert Addams

Kristen Hooper

Pubert Addams

Carel Struycken


David Krumholtz

Joel Glicker

Christopher Hart


Dana Ivey

Margaret Addams

Peter MacNicol

Gary Granger

Christine Baranski

Becky Martin-Granger

The Family Just Got A Little Stranger.

Release Date: 19 November 1993

Filming Locations: California, USA

Opening Weekend: $14,117,545
(21 November 1993)

Gross: $48,919,043

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Did You Know?


The character of Pubert Addams (a boy) was played by twin girls, Kaitlyn Hooper and Kristen Hooper.


When Debbie is speeding in her Mercedes after Fester and Thing, she nearly rear-ends a Lincoln Continental. In the next scene, she's driving behind a completely different car and the same Lincoln she was behind can be seen driving the other way down the road, and she nearly hits it head on.


[first lines]

[giving a funeral to a cat in a shoe-box]
Come, sorrow; we welcome thee. Let us join in grief, rejoice in despair, and honor the fortunate dead.

Dearly beloved…

[the cat mews and Wednesday shakes the box]
Shh! Quiet!

[starts piling dirt on the box]

User Review

No longer rehashing old material, they're even funnier this time.

Rating: 8/10

One of my favorite films. Paul Rudnick clearly had a field day writing

As odd as it may seem, this sequel is in many ways superior to its
predecessor. The first had to spend much of its time introducing the
Family–and, just as importantly, paying (totally justified) homage to
Charles Addams' brilliant cartoons and to the old television series. As a
result, the plot felt forced, as if it had been the best way the writers
could think of to showcase all the source material. In the end, one left
theater feeling that the movie had been 'about' the old sight gags. And
there was the totally shameless product placement…but I

Addams Family Values, on the other hand, gets to be more playful. Because
all know who we're dealing with by now, we don't have to spend nearly so
much time introducing the family and their skewed universe. Instead, the
characters get more of a chance to develop as they glide blithely through
fuller, more cohesive story.

Paul Rudnick's screenplay is masterful–you'll be quoting from it for
Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston are particularly marvelous as one of the
genuinely loving, passionate couples you've seen in ages. In a weird sort

That dance number! Morticia's ever-present shaft of light! Christina Ricci
as the sublime Wednesday! Joan Cusack, unhinged! A split-second cameo by
Charles Busch! Oh, rapture. I could go on and on, but I'm running out of
superlatives. Suffice it to say that this movie is well worth your