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Encino Man

Still of Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore in Encino ManStill of Sean Astin, Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore in Encino ManStill of Sean Astin, Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore in Encino Man


When they find a frozen caveman in their backyard, two high school outcasts thaw him out and introduce him to modern day life while he in turn, gets them to actually enjoy life.

Release Year: 1992

Rating: 5.3/10 (16,417 voted)

Les Mayfield

Stars: Sean Astin, Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore

Stoney and Dave find a caveman (Link) trapped in ice, thaw him out, and show him around town. Although Link is slow to catch on to basic concepts of 20th century life, he has no trouble impressing all the girls and helping Stoney and Dave find the coolness they've been searching for.

Writers: George Zaloom, Shawn Schepps


Sean Astin


Brendan Fraser


Pauly Shore

Stoney Brown

Megan Ward

Robyn Sweeney

Robin Tunney


Michael DeLuise

Matt Wilson

Patrick Van Horn

Phil, Matt's Thug #1

Dalton James

Will, Matt's Thug #2

Rick Ducommun

Mr. Brush

Jonathan Ke Quan


(as Jonathan Quan)

Mariette Hartley

Mrs. Morgan

Richard Masur

Mr. Morgan

Ellen Blain

Teena Morgan

Esther Scott

Mrs. Mackey

Steven Elkins

Mr. Beady

Where The Stone Age Meets The Rock Age!

Release Date: 22 May 1992

Filming Locations: Los Angeles Mission College – 13356 Eldridge Avenue, Sylmar, Los Angeles, California, USA

Gross: $40,693,477

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


Jim Carrey and Nicolas Cage were both considered for the role of Link before Brendan Fraser was cast


Factual errors:
At the prom, a microphone is aimed at the head of the bass guitarist's stack. The sound comes out of the speaker cabinet underneath it, so the microphone should be about a foot lower.


I'm not a geek, I'm a unique weasel.

User Review

This movie helped save my life!

Rating: 10/10

I Mean that literally!

I was going through a rough time in my life, and Encino Man was the only
thing that could make me laugh!

Brendan Fraser was terrific, and I even learned how to like Pauly Shore
after this movie…who up to this point I couldn't stand!

I saw it 8 (yes, that's EIGHT) times at the theatre in a four week period
when it was out, and have watched it dozens of times since on video.
it's absurd premise, the movie worked for me, in the relationships that
developed between Link, Dave, and Stoney, and the little family the three
them made.

It's goofy, it's at times stupid..and it's all around FUNNY! Just one of
those little movies that if you will allow yourself to put reality on hold
for 90 minutes, it can and will charm the socks off of