Return to the Blue Lagoon


While the general theme of this film resembles "The Blue Lagoon" (the film for which this is a sequel)…

Release Year: 1991

Rating: 4.4/10 (6,518 voted)

William A. Graham

Stars: Brian Krause, Milla Jovovich, Lisa Pelikan

While the general theme of this film resembles "The Blue Lagoon" (the film for which this is a sequel), the basic plot is quite different. We open the film with a ship finding the craft with our original characters in it, Richard and Emmeline dead and Paddy alive. Established in the first film, the only word Paddy ever says is "Richard", so the crew assumes Richard is the infant's name. Taken in by Sarah, a widow with an infant baby girl Lilli, Richard (Paddy) is cared for in a return to civilization. Struck by cholera, the crew of the ship start to die and the captain sets Sarah, Richard, Lilli and a healthy crew member on a lifeboat in an attempt to preserve their lives. With water and food running short, the crew member escorting Sarah and the children becomes dangerous, so Sarah takes the only course of action she feels suitable to preserve the children: she strikes him and throws him overboard…

Writers: Henry De Vere Stacpoole, Leslie Stevens


Milla Jovovich


Brian Krause


Lisa Pelikan

Sarah Hargrave

Courtney Barilla

Young Lilli

(as Courtney Phillips)

Garette Ratliff Henson

Young Richard

(as Garette Patrick Ratliff)

Emma James

Infant Lilli

Jackson Barton

Infant Richard

Nana Coburn

Sylvia Hilliard

Brian Blain

Capt. Jacob Hilliard

Peter Hehir


Alexander Petersons


John Mann

First Captain

Wayne Pygram


John Dicks


Gus Mercurio

First Mate

Return to the Romance, Return to the Adventure…

Release Date: 2 August 1991

Filming Locations: Fiji

Box Office Details

Budget: $11,000,000


Gross: $2,807,854

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1897 – Fifteen years before our story begins, two children were shipwrecked on an uncharted island. The little boy and girl grew up alone in this lost paradise. As man and woman, they discovered a pure and natural love. In time, a child was born. But in a tragic accident, they were driven out to sea away from their island. Drifting for days, they believed that their lives and the life of their baby were at an end. Then a passing vessel drew near…

User Review

Not quite as good as the original, but interesting

Rating: 6/10

This film wasted too much time trying to get our heroes back to the island
and the first half of the flick was almost an exact repeat of the same
sequence in the first. I really wanted to see the grow up again and not
just see how they got lost–which was pretty standard in both films. Of
course the two castaways had to "rediscover" their sexuality–this is what
this film is about. The movie really changes into high gear when the
children are re-introduced to civilization.

It really explored the question–who is more civilized?

Obvious comparisons:
Brooke Shields/Milla Jovovich–looks: dead heat, although Milla
more skin (she may have had more upstairs to show). acting: Brooke seemed
to capture the innocence of unexpected woman hood (she was brought up by a
male, not a female so she may have had less schooling)

Christopher Atkins/Brian Krouse–looks: Chris hands down, Brian looked like
a Pillsbury Dough Boy by comparison; acting: Brian had a slight edge, in
that he had to act more "grown up".

Amazingly both original and sequel are worth a watch: The first for
story and acting; the second for Milla and a more interesting