Wild Orchid

April 27, 1990 0 By Fans
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Still of Carré Otis in Wild OrchidStill of Jacqueline Bisset and Zalman King in Wild Orchid


A woman lawyer becomes mesmerized by a self-made millionaire during an encounter in Rio setting off a series of erotic encounters.

Release Year: 1989

Rating: 4.1/10 (5,090 voted)

Zalman King

Stars: Mickey Rourke, Jacqueline Bisset, Carré Otis

Emily, a raw recruit to a law firm is sent to Brazil with Claudia to help finalise a real estate deal. Emily is innocent and vulnerable, and when she's left in Rio with Wheeler, a milionaire with an unusual outlook on life, Emily is shocked and intrigued by the sex antics to which she is exposed.

Writers: Patricia Louisianna Knop, Zalman King


Mickey Rourke

James Wheeler

Jacqueline Bisset

Claudia Dennis

Carré Otis

Emily Reed

Assumpta Serna

Hanna Munch

Bruce Greenwood

Jerome McFarland

Oleg Vidov

Otto Munch

Milton Gonçalves


Jens Peter

Volleyball Player

Antonio Mario Silva Da Silva


Paul Land

Big Sailor

Michael Villella

Elliot Costa

Bernardo Jablonski


Luiz Lobo


Lester Berman

Interviewer #1

Steven Kaminsky

Interviewer #2

Release Date: 27 April 1990

Filming Locations: Bahia, Brazil

Opening Weekend: $3,646,000
(29 April 1990)
(819 Screens)

Gross: $11,060,485

Technical Specs


(unrated version)

Did You Know?


In a 2004 interview, Carré Otis denied the rumors that suggested the infamous last sex scene was real.


In the end, when Wheeler and Emily ride off on the Harley, Wheeler is wearing a leather vest in some shots, and a long sleeved leather jacket in others.


Emily Reed:
It must be jet lag. My emotions are getting the best of me.

User Review

Clever comment on Reaganism set in a galaxy of post-transformational liberalism.

Rating: 2/10

Just kidding, I don't know what I'm talking about. You should see this
movie if you like:

1) Sex

2) Nudity

3) Hot babes

4) Mickey Rourke

5) Carre Otis

6) Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis going at it for real

7) Perfume commercials

8) Directors trying to make their softcore porn look like art by
filming everything sensually and in slow motion, so the film appears to
be art-house and "visually stimulating"

9) Really, really, really bad dialogue

10) Lots of good banging and screwing without a plot

11) Mickey Rourke playing a total pimp (which is different than just
Mickey Rourke – I mean, there's Mickey Rourke, and then there's Mickey
Rourke the Pimp, which is even cooler).

And finally…

12) Hot female characters who wear glasses and carry around clipboards
so the audience believes they are smart and successful businesswomen,
when in fact they'd have a hard time calculating 1 + 1. (Also see:
Alone in the Dark, Tara Reid's character; or Fantastic Four, Jessica
Alba's.) Highly recommended to the appropriate demographic.

I could kill myself for buying it.