Navy Seals

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While rescuing an American air crew captured by Mid-Eastern terrorists, Lieutenant Curran and his team…

Release Year: 1990

Rating: 5.1/10 (8,356 voted)

Lewis Teague

Stars: Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Joanne Whalley

While rescuing an American air crew captured by Mid-Eastern terrorists, Lieutenant Curran and his team of Navy SEALs discover evidence that the terrorists have come into possession of dangerous high-tech weapons.

Writers: Chuck Pfarrer, Gary Goldman


Charlie Sheen

Lt. Dale Hawkins

Michael Biehn

Lt. James Curran

Joanne Whalley

Claire Varrens

(as Joanne Whalley-Kilmer)

Rick Rossovich


Cyril O'Reilly


Bill Paxton


Dennis Haysbert


Paul Sanchez


Nicholas Kadi

Ben Shaheed

Ronald G. Joseph

Capt. Dunne

(as Ron Joseph)

S. Epatha Merkerson


Gregory McKinney

U.S. Helicopter Pilot

(as Greg McKinney)

Rob Moran

U.S. Helicopter Co-Pilot

Richard Venture

Admiral Colker

Mark Carlton

Jim Elmore

They're America's secret weapon against terrorism.


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Release Date: 20 July 1990

Filming Locations: Algeciras, Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain

Opening Weekend: $6,543,832
(20 July 1990)

Gross: $25,069,101

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Did You Know?


Despite those named in the credits, the film went through another draft by Kevin Jarre. In one draft, Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) sacrifices himself to rescue Curran (Michael Biehn), who ends up with the love interest. In another version, Curran is killed off rescuing some kids, and Hawkins and Claire Varrens (Joanne Whalley) are left to mourn his passing. Also in one of those drafts, Curran is an accomplished boxer who squares off in a fight with Hawkins, who's into karate. The golf sequence in the film was a concession when the film's leads objected to a
Top Gun-style scene with knife-throwing contests and bikini bimbos.


Factual errors:
After Hawkins steals his buddies date, it shows him driving his car down on to the beach-this simply isn't allowed in Virginia Beach where this scene was shot. Not to mention the fact that for the Lt. to drive from El Gardinos, the restaurant where they were having dinner to Little Creek or NOB, it would have taken a lot more time because it's clear over on the other side of town.


[to Claire as they watch Hawkins kiss the glass from inside the dive tank]
Let's leave before he presses something else on the glass!

User Review

Screw the critics, pop the top on a brewski, kick back and enjoy.

Rating: 6/10

"Navy SEALS" is a fun escapist Hollywood testosterone rush packed with
action and built around a thin story about a SEALS team which goes after
some Stinger missels which have fallen into the hands of mid-East
terrorists. The film features some great stunts, lots of pyrotechnics, and
firefights galore as it shows SEALS in a variety of combat missions
including high altitude and undersea insertion platforms. A critically
panned flick but a great watch for military action junkies.