Marked for Death

October 5, 1990 0 By Fans
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Still of Steven Seagal in Marked for DeathStill of Basil Wallace in Marked for DeathStill of Steven Seagal and Basil Wallace in Marked for DeathStill of Steven Seagal in Marked for DeathStill of Joanna Pacula in Marked for Death


Chicago DEA agent John Hatcher has just returned from Colombia, where his partner was killed in the line of duty by a drug dealer who has since been taken down…

Release Year: 1990

Rating: 5.4/10 (8,096 voted)

Dwight H. Little

Stars: Steven Seagal, Joanna Pacula, Basil Wallace

Chicago DEA agent John Hatcher has just returned from Colombia, where his partner was killed in the line of duty by a drug dealer who has since been taken down. As a result of his partner's death, John has decided to retire, but his retirement may not be permanent. On the next day, after reuniting with his sister Melissa and Melissa's daughter Tracy, John gets into a shootout against a Jamaican drug kingpin known as Screwface, taking down some of Screwface's men. John brings himself out of retirement when Screwface retaliates by attempting to kill Melissa and Tracy. After the shooting, John is reunited with two old friends – a local high school football coach named Max, and a Jamaican Chicago cop named Charles. John and Max set out to hunt Screwface down, only to discover that Screwface has gone back to Jamaica. John and Max take Charles with them to Jamaica for an all out war against Screwface and his drug empire.

Writers: Michael Grais, Mark Victor


Steven Seagal

John Hatcher

Basil Wallace


Keith David


Tom Wright


Joanna Pacula


Elizabeth Gracen


Bette Ford

Kate Hatcher

Danielle Harris


Al Israel

Tito Barco

Arlen Dean Snyder


Victor Romero Evans


Michael Ralph


Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter


Tony DiBenedetto

Jimmy Fingers

Kevin Dunn

Lt. Sal Roselli

In Above the Law, he got tough; In Hard to Kill, he got even; Now the man with the short fuse is… Marked For Death

Release Date: 5 October 1990

Filming Locations: 518 S Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $12,000,000


Opening Weekend: $11,790,047
(7 October 1990)

Gross: $46,044,400

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


The villain Screwface was named after a Bob Marley song.


Revealing mistakes:
Obvious stunt double during Hatcher's final showdown with Screwface.


Hey, you want some blow?

John Hatcher:
Yeah, I want some blow. Put your hands where I can see 'em or I'm gonna blow your head off.

User Review

They sure as hell don't make em like this any more….xXx2 anyone?

Rating: 10/10

First off, Seagal rules. I don't care what anyone says. He is the
greatest American action star (well in his early films at least) and
marked for death portrays him at his brutal bone snapping best.

This is one of the fastest films i have ever watched, not only is it
never boring but it is constantly entertaining. Seagal slays lots of
hapless goons right from the off and manages to act well in the non
action scenes. But thats what its about ACTION. No it never won any
awards, of course not its an ACTION film. Screw kill bill no one serves
up a bit of revenge like Seagal.

You know the plot………find it elsewhere thats not important he and
his family are MARKED FOR DEATH. Of course Seagal cannot have this so
he goes and kills a lot of people. Not original but who actually cares?
The Jamaican view provides interest,and there's a good twist near the
end. The ending itself is excellent, ending much more openly than the
average action fest.

Seagal is on top form as always, Keith David is good as his friend,
Basil Wallace justly insane as Screwface and Tom Wright is likable as
the Jamaican sidekick. Overall more should see this film, but the
American version mind, UK one is heavily cut.

Warning: this film is full of extreme violence. If you do not enjoy
peoples arms and backs being broken, eyes being gouged out, hands
chopped off, people being shot left right and centre the you will not
enjoy this film. And thats just what I'm looking for!