Gremlins 2: The New Batch

June 15, 1990 0 By Fans
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The Gremlins are back, and this time, they've taken total control over the building of a media mogul.

Release Year: 1990

Rating: 6.1/10 (31,195 voted)

Joe Dante

Stars: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, John Glover

An army of malevolent little monsters take over a high-tech corporate skyscraper when a cute and intelligent exotic pet is exposed to water. The "Mogwai's" owner joins forces with the Trump-like head of the corporation to regain control.

Writers: Chris Columbus, Charles S. Haas


Zach Galligan

Billy Peltzer

Phoebe Cates

Kate Beringer

John Glover

Daniel Clamp

Robert Prosky

Grandpa Fred

Robert Picardo


Christopher Lee

Doctor Catheter

Haviland Morris

Marla Bloodstone

Dick Miller

Murray Futterman

Jackie Joseph

Sheila Futterman

Gedde Watanabe

Mr. Katsuji

Keye Luke

Mr. Wing

Kathleen Freeman

Microwave Marge

Don Stanton


Dan Stanton


Shawn Nelson


We warned you. Remember the rules. You didn't listen.

Release Date: 15 June 1990

Filming Locations: 101 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $50,000,000


Opening Weekend: $9,700,000
(17 June 1990)

Gross: $41,482,207

Technical Specs


Did You Know?


In a deleted scene, the Gremlins release all the animals in the "Splice o' Life" lab. During the filming of this scene, the monkeys in the lab set were genuinely so terrified of the Gremlin puppets, that they refused to leave their cages when their trainers called for them.


When Billy and Mr. Clamp come up with the idea to fool the Gremlins into thinking the sun has gone down, they say they'll set the clocks in the building forward at 4:20. But it's actually done at 3:55.


Peggy, the Lab Receptionist:
Dr. Catheter, this just came for you.

Dr. Catheter:
Ah, splendid. This must be my malaria.
[sees it's not]

Dr. Catheter:
Rabies. I've got rabies, and I'm supposed to get the flu this week.

Peggy, the Lab Receptionist:
I think we have the flu out on back order.
[sneezes into tissue]

Dr. Catheter:
May I have that Peggy?

Peggy, the Lab Receptionist:

Dr. Catheter:
Thank you.
[stuffs it into his pocket; muttering to himself]


User Review

Even more underrated of a film than the first.


This film is often looked back on as not only the lesser of the two
Gremlins flicks but not a very good movie in general. I just don't
understand it — I love this movie! It successfully continues the
underlying theme of the original (unlike a lot of sequels which seem to
forget their points entirely): "gremlins" are mythical creatures blamed for
mechanical errors (if an appliance is broken, it must have been the work of
gremlins). In this movie, the gremlins are loose in a totally automated
high-rise office building, already suffering from its own malfunctions,
which serves as the perfect playground for them. Charles Haas' script is
absolutely hilarious, filled with more movie in-jokes than I can recall
seeing in a single movie, and it even pokes fun at the more serious
original. In fact, I think many people disliked this film because of its
total irreverence compared to the first; it didn't try to be scary for a
second and Rick Baker's creature effects turned out goofier than Chris
Walas's original creature designs. Just realize…this is a comedy!
Definitely worth seeing more than once to catch the barrage of jokes and
references…and sit all the way through the credits!