February 16th, 1990


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A young boy's quest for revenge leads him to become a gangster as an adult, and with each day he becomes more and more like his enemies. Can he find vengeance and redemption?

Release Year: 1990

Rating: 7.5/10 (1,666 voted)

Director: Mukul Anand

Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty, Madhavi

Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) father is brutally lynched by villagers after being framed by Kancha Cheena (Danny Denzongpa), and his family is forced to flee. The young Vijay vows revenge, and grows up protecting his sister and mother by becoming a gangster himself. Eventually he works his way up the ladder until he is face to face with the men who killed his father, but by this time he is little different from them, and his actions have put his family in the line of danger once more.

Writers: Kader Khan, Santosh Saroj

Amitabh Bachchan - Vijay Dinanath Chavan
Mithun Chakraborty - Krishnan Iyer MA
Madhavi - Mary Matthew
Neelam - Siksha Chavan
Danny Denzongpa - Kancha Cheena
Alok Nath - Master Dinanath Chavan
Rohini Hattangadi - Suhasini Chavan
Tinnu Anand - Nathu (Kaka)
Vikram Gokhale - Commissioner M. S. Gaitonde
Archana Puran Singh - Shanti / Laila (as Archana Puransingh)
Master Manjunath - Young Vijay
Sharat Saxena - Terelin
Goga Kapoor - Dhinkar Rao
Monty Sharma - Shetty (as Monty)
Avtar Gill - Usman

Taglines: The path of fire

Release Date: 16 February 1990

Filming Locations: Chandivali Studio, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Gross: INR 102,500,000 (India) (1990)

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Did You Know?

To give Amitabh Bachchan the gangster look, his mouth was stuffed with cotton wool underneath both cheeks, as was Marlon Brando's in The Godfather

[Lying down on the bed at the hospital]
Vijay Dinanath Chavan: What's your name?
Mary Matthew: Why?
Vijay Dinanath Chavan: Because in this world, only two women have seen me naked - and you are one of them.

User Review


Rating: 10/10

A masterpiece indeed! It is very easily the best film Amitabh has acted ever. Even though the music score is not up to the mark, one gets to watch Amitabh's sterling performance as the "angry young man" of Bollywood. The background score adds to the intensity of the film. Its well worth giving 10+. The best scene in the film would be the one where Amitabh goes to the slums to save his sister Neelam. The dialogues in the entire film are just awesome. Tinu Anand and Rohini Hattangadi have also given a memorable performance in the film. The songs are very avoidable and spoil the tempo of the movie. But the best part of the film would undoubtedly be AMITABH. He is indeed the best actor of the millennium.